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LOL Books Bibles Multimedia

Author Language Subject Title Price (INR)
Stott, John English Truth About Jesus, The 35
Mayers, Ronald B. English Apologetics Balanced Apologetics - Using Evidences & Presuppositions In Defense of the Faith 99
Stobel, Lee English Apologetics Case for Christ, A Journalist's personal Investigation of the Evidence of Jesus 129
Geisler, Norman English Apologetics Christian Apologetics 129
Paul Copan & William Lane Craig English Apologetics Creation Out of nothing 175
Zacharias, Ravi English Apologetics Cries Of the Heart - Bringing God Near When He Feels So Far 150
McDowell, Josh English Apologetics Da Vinci Code, The - A Quest for Answers 50
Sproul, R.C. English Apologetics Defending Your Faith - An Introduction to Apologetics 150
Zacharias, Ravi English Apologetics Deliver Us From Evil - Restoring the Soul In a Disintegrating Culture 150
Titus, Daya Prakash English Apologetics Fulfilment of the Vedic Pilgrimage in the Lord Jesus Christ 99
McDowell, Josh & Thomas Williams English Apologetics In Search of Certainty 85
Copan, Paul English Apologetics Is Everything Really Relative? - Examining the Assumptions of Relativism and the Culture of Truth Decay 50
Little, Paul E. English Apologetics Know Why You Believe 70
Zacharias, Ravi English Apologetics Sense and Sensuality - Jesus Talks With Oscar Wilde on the Pursuit of Pleasure 50
Zacharias, Ravi English Apologetics A Shattered Visage, - The Real Face of Atheism 100
Moreland, J.P. English Apologetics What Is The Soul? Recovering Human Personhood In a Scientific Age 50
McKnight, Scot English Apologetics Who Was Jesus? Understanding His Identity In Light of Biblical Scholarship 50
Zacharias, Ravi English Apologetics Jesus Among Other Gods 150
Zacharias, Ravi English Apologetics Lotus and the Cross, The (Jesus Talks with Buddha) 50
Zacharias, Ravi English Apologetics Recapture The Wonder 150
Thangiah, Paul English Bible Potter's Word, The - 5500 Promises 250
Satyadas, Jacob Lisbon English Bible Glimpses of Bible Truth 95
Osbeck, Kenneth English Biography 101 Hymn Stories 99
Osbeck, Kenneth W. English Biography 101 More Hymn Stories (Reprint) 129
Fisk, Samuel English Biography 40 Fascinating Conversion Stories 69
English Biography All's well that ends well 129
Wellman, Sam English Biography Billy Graham - The Great Evangelist 99
Koshy, T.E. English Biography Brother Bakht Singh of India - An Account of 20th Century Apostolic Revival 249
Mangalwadi, Martis, Desai, Varghese & Samuel English Biography Burnt Alive 95
Carlile, J.C. English Biography Charles Spurgeon - The Great Orator 79
Saint Augustine English Biography Confessions of Saint Augustine, The 166
Wellman, Sam English Biography Corrie Ten Boom 79
Wilkerson, David English Biography Cross & The Switchblade, The 99
Poonen, Zac English Biography Day of Small Beginnings, The - Vol. 1 30
Maharaj, Rabi English Biography Death of a Guru 79
Wellman, Sam English Biography Florence Nightingale - Lady With the Lamp 79
Chacko, Kunjumon English Biography From Gallows to God 15
Cleator, Margaret English Biography God Who Answers By Fire, The 49
Reynolds, Charles English Biography Holy Tree, The 69
Chandapilla, P.T. English Biography India's McNally Tai - A Missionary In Transition Times 15
Booth, Edwin English Biography Martin Luther - The Great Reformer 79
Wellman, Sam English Biography Mother Teresa - Missionaries of Charity 79
Thompson, Phyllis English Biography Sadhu Sundar Singh 69
Kumar, Dorothy Sampath English Biography Susanna Wesley - A Mother With A Difference 15
Bjay Varghese English Biography Wonder Working Power 125
Graham, Michael English Biography From Guru to God 99
Pinto, Niven English Biography Grace Unlimited 175
Phillips, Rachael English Biography Saint Augustine - Early Church Father 79
English Biography-Condensed Life of William Carey 5
English Biography-Condensed Life of George Mueller 5
English Biography-Condensed Autobiography - Pandita Ramabai - Woman of the Millennium 5
Pate, Marvin (Ed) English Book study 4 Views on the Book of Revelation 99
Paterson Ross English Book study Antioch Factor, The 99
Thomas, W.H. Griffith English Book study Apostle Peter, The - Outline Studies On His Life & Writings 89
Michaels, J. Ramsey English Book study Interpreting The Book of Revelation 79
McKnight, Scot English Book study Interpreting The Synoptic Gospels 79
Fernando, Ajith English Book study Spiritual Living in a Secular World - Applying the Book of Daniel Today 75
Spurgeon, Charles English Book study Treasury of David, The 590
Singh, Bakht English Book study Walk Before Me - Studies In The Life of Abraham 15
Spurgeon, Charles English Book study Treasury of David, The (Abridged in 1 Volume) 349
Tozer, A.W. English Chri Life/Commitment This World - Playground or Battleground 70
Cunningham, Loren & Rogers, Janice English Chri Life/Commitment Making Jesus Lord - The Dynamic Power of Laying Down Your Rights 85
M. Basilea Schlink English Chri Life/Commitment My All For Him 50
Verwer, George English Chri Life/Commitment No Turning Back 49
Anderson, J.D.C. (Ed.) English Chri Life/Discipline Quiet Time, The 20
Thomas, Robert English Chri Life/Gifts Understanding Spiritual Gifts 119
McRae, William English Chri Life/Gifts Dynamics of Spiritual Gifts, The 59
Masters, Peter English Chri Life/God's will Steps for Guidance 80
Singh, Bakht English Chri Life/God's will Voice of the Lord, The 20
Poonen, Zac English Chri Life/God's will Finding God's Will 30
Poonen, Zac English Chri Life/God's will Knowing God's Ways 35
Masters, Peter English Chri Life/Holiness God's Rules for Holiness - Unlocking the 10 Commandments 60
Lutzer, Erwin English Chri Life/Holiness Winning The Inner War - How To Say No To A Stubborn Habit (2) 59
Meshramkar, Virendra English Chri Life/Holiness Enter Into The Holy of Holies 80
Stott, John English Chri Life/Issues Issues Facing Christians Today 75
Stott, John English Chri Life/Issues New Issues Facing Christians Today 150
Bardsley, Rosemary English Chri Life/Issues Seduction of the Christian Mind 50
Colson, Charles English Chri Life/Issues Against the Night - Living In The New Dark Ages 89
Garlow, James L. & Peter Jones English Chri Life/Issues Cracking Da Vinci's Code - The Hidden Agenda Unveiled 129
Conway, Helen L. English Chri Life/Issues Domestic Violence & The Church 79
Haugen, Gary A. English Chri Life/Issues Good News About Injustice 89
Pietersen, Lloyd (ed.) English Chri Life/Issues Mark of the Spirit, The - A Charismatic Critique of the Toronto Blessing 40
Whitworth, Patrick English Chri Life/Skills Becoming Fully Human 190
Trobisch, Walter English Chri Life/Skills Love Yourself & Love Is A Feeling To Be Learned 59
Littauer, Florence English Chri Life/Skills Personality Plus - How To Understand Others by Understanding Yourself 150
Chapman, Annie English Chri Life/Skills Putting Anger In Its Place - A Woman's Guide to Getting Emotions Under Control 80
Graham, Billy English Chri Life/Standards Biblical Standard for Evangelists 60
Nee, Watchman English Chri Life/Standards Normal Christian Life, The 99
Gibbs & Abraham English Chri Life/Success Racing to Win - Establish Your Game Plan for Success 129
Dominic Smart English Chri Life/Success When We Get It Wrong 59
Oommen, Tom English Chri Life/Success Dare to Win
Lutzer, Erwin English Chri Life/Success Failure - The Backdoor to Success 79
Dunn. Richard English Chri Life/Suffering When Heaven Is Silent 79
Messer, Donald E. English Chri Life/Suffering Breaking the Conspiracy of Silence - Christian Churches and the Global AIDS Crisis 150
Philip, Sunny English Chri Life/Suffering Footprints In Water - Searching for God In Suffering 98
Wells, Michael English Chri Life/Suffering Problems, God's Presence & Prayer 100
Singh, Bakht English Christian Life 40 Mountain Peaks 13th Ed 30
Carothers, Merlin English Christian Life Are You Sitting Comfortably? 49
Poonen, Zac English Christian Life Beauty for Ashes 25
Tozer, A.W. English Christian Life I Call It Heresy 55
Carothers, Merlin English Christian Life More Power To You 59
Poonen, Zac English Christian Life Secrets of Victory, The 49
Jones, Stanley E. English Christian Life Victorious Living 65
English Christian Life Should I care? 49
Solomon, Dr. Charles English Christian Life Handbook to Happiness 75
Ryrie, Charles English Christian Life Balancing the Christian Life 476
Miller, William English Christian Life Beliefs & Practices of Christians - A Letter to a Friend 49
Meyer, F.B. English Christian Life Best of F B Meyer, The 59
Anderson, Neil T., Rich Miller & Paul Travis English Christian Life Breaking the Bondage of Legalism - When Trying Harder Isn't Enough 125
Singh, Bakht English Christian Life David Recovered All 60
Tozer, A.W. English Christian Life God Tells The Man Who Cares 55
Duewel, Wesley English Christian Life God's Power is For You - Reflections on the Deeper Life 59
Wesley, John English Christian Life Growing in Grace - Consoling Messages from The Great Evangelist 85
Lutzer, Erwin English Christian Life Growing Through Conflict - Keys to Deeper Faith From The Life of David 99
Verwer, George English Christian Life Hunger for Reality (1993 Ed.) 22
Prince, Derek English Christian Life Judging - When? Why? How? 180
Chandy, Kuruvilla English Christian Life Living In My Father's World 85
Duewel, Wesley English Christian Life Measure Your Life - 17 Ways to Evaluate Your Life from God's Perspective 69
Chandy, Kuruvilla English Christian Life My Father's World 85
Poonen, Zac English Christian Life Needed… Men of God 30
Barna, George English Christian Life Power of Vision, The - How you can Capture & Apply God's Vision for Your Ministry 69
M. Basilea Schlink English Christian Life Repentance The Joy Filled Life 35
Verwer, George English Christian Life Revolution of Love and Balance 39
Wells, Michael English Christian Life Sidetracked In The Wilderness - Find The Way Back to a Victorious, Abundant Life 100
Poonen, Zac English Christian Life Supreme Priorities, The 35
James, G.D English Christian Life There Is Hope 120
Corner, Kim English Christian Life Wisdom of the Sadhu - Teachings of Sundar Singh 79
Kempis, Thomas a' English Christian Life Imitation of Christ, The - Rewritten and Updated by Harold J. Chadwick (1) 275
Scotland, Nigel English Church Charismatics & The New Millennium 129
Masters, Peter English Church Do We Have A Policy? Paul's 10 Point Policy for Church Health and Growth 55
John, Laiju English Church God's Kingdom and Church 60
Briars, Steve & Mandy English Church Homegroups: The Authentic Guide 119
Eaton, Michael English Church How To Enjoy God's Worldwide Church 120
Mathew, P.G. English Church Normal Church Life, The - An Exposition of the First Apostle of John 99
Poonen, Zac English Church One Body in Christ - The Meaning of Christian Fellowship 30
Tozer, A.W. English Church Tragedy In The Church 55
Yancey, Philip English Church Church: Why Bother - My Personal Pilgrimage 59
Adams, Jay E. English Counselling Biblical View of Self-Esteem, Self-Love, Self-Image 69
Crabb, Larry English Counselling Effective Biblical Counselling 89
Gill, Dr. Margaret English Counselling Free to Love - Sexuality & Pastoral Care 139
Sapnakumari, G. English Counselling Know The Signs & Keep On Loving - A Christian Counselor Looks at Suicide 40
Tan, Siang-Yang English Counselling Lay Counseling - Equipping Christians for a Christian Ministry 69
Anderson, Neil T. & Joanne English Counselling Overcoming Depression 75
Kay, William K. & Paul C. Weaver English Counselling Pastoral Care & Counselling - A Manual 89
Kruis, John English Counselling Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling 60
McDowell, Josh English Counselling See Yourself As God Sees You 89
Demaray, Donald E. English Counselling Watch Out for Burnout - A Look At Its Signs, Prevention & Cure 79
Anderson, Neil & Rich Miller English Counselling Getting Anger Under Control 100
Shaw, Alfred J. English Culture Christianity & Social Change in India 40
Wright, Norman H. English Devotional Quiet Times for Couples 165
Brown & Norton (Ed) English Devotional 1 Year Book of Hymns - 365 Devotional Readings Based On Great Hymns 505
Kosin, Frederick L. English Devotional Blessings All Mine With 10000 Besides 149
Couchman, Judith (Compiled) English Devotional Breakfast for the Soul 99
Anderson, Neil with Joanna Anderson English Devotional Daily in Christ - A Devotional 125
Pit, Jan English Devotional Day by Day with the Persecuted Church (1) 129
M. Basilea Schlink English Devotional In Him Will I Trust 30
Packer, J.I. English Devotional Knowing and Doing the Will of God - Daily Devotions 99
M. Basilea Schlink English Devotional More Precious Than Gold 50
Benjamin, William English Devotional Prayer Companion - Daily Meditation & Prayers for 31 Days 75
Murray, Andrew English Devotional True Vine, The 186
Moore, Beth English Discipleship Beloved Disciple, The 280
Riter, Tim English Doctrine 12 Lies You Hear In Church 125
Cherian, Sajini English Doctrine Right vision, The 10
Yesudian, Prakash English Evangelism Fishers of Men 75
Colson, Charles English Evil & Suffering Problem of Evil, Developing A Christian Worldview Of 109
Tinker, Melvin English Evil & Suffering Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? 59
Oommen, Tom Dr. English Evil & Suffering God's Unfinished Symphony 120
Arnold, Heinrich English Evil & Suffering Freedom from Sinful Thoughts 59
Yancey, Philip English Evil & Suffering Disappointment With God - 3 Questions No One Asks Aloud 105
Omartian, Stormie English Family Power of a Praying Husband, The 99
English Family Talking Families 75
Zacharias, Ravi English Family I, Isaac, Take Thee, Rebekah 150
Hitching, Barbara English Fiction Ali & Silvana 49
Sheldon, Charles English Fiction In His Steps - What Would Jesus Do 70
Sheldon, Charles English Fiction In His Steps - Young Readers Edition 40
Mano, Shoba English Fiction Love's Treacherous Terrain 99
Morris, Nancy English Fiction Sushila's God 35
Maiden, Peter English Finances Take My Purse 40
Tozer, A.W. English God Attributes of God, The - Vol 1 A Journey Into The Father's Heart 110
Tozer, A.W. English God Attributes of God, The - Vol 2 Deeper Into The Father's Heart 120
Sproul, R.C. English God Holiness of God, The 95
Tozer, A.W. English God Knowledge of the Holy, The 95
Horton & Hurlburt English God Names of Christ 95
Stone, Nathan English God Names of God 59
Pritchard, Ray English God Names of the Holy Spirit 59
Yancey, Philip English God Reaching For The Invisible God (2) 119
Mears Henrietta C. Dr English God What Jesus is all about (2) 99
Yancey, Philip English God What's So Amazing About Grace? (2) 119
Jones, E. Stanley English God Word Became Flesh, The 165
Moody, D.L. English Gospel Way To God, The 59
Jones, Ken English Gospel Doctor of the Soul, The 35
Graham, Billy English Gospel Hope For The Future 30
Graham, Billy English Gospel Secret of Happiness, The 89
MacDonald, William English Gospel Think of Your Future 15
Bennett, Richard English Gospel Your Quest For God 30
Graham, Billy English Heaven & Hell Angels 80
Fernando, Ajith English Heaven & Hell Crucial Questions About Hell 110
Moody, D.L. English Heaven & Hell Heaven 55
Hicks, Robert English Heaven & Hell Taste of Heaven, A 75
Lane, Tony English History Christian Thought, The Lion Book Of 165
McKechnie, Paul English History First Christian Centuries, The 139
Arulmani, J.D. English History How The Bible Came To Us 50
Olson, Roger English History Mosaic of Christian Belief, The - 20 Centuries of Unity & Diversity 179
Bruce, F.F. English History New Testament Documents, The - Are They Reliable? (2) 69
McBirnie, William Steuart English History Search for the 12 Apostles, The 129
George, K. M. English History Christianity in India through the Centuries 249
Curtis, Kenneth A., Lang, Stephen J. & Peterson, Randy English History 100 Most Important Events in Christian History 149
Hoerth, Alfred J. English History Archaeology & The Old Testament 1519
Pentecost, J. Dwight English Holy Spirit Divine Comforter, The 99
Yonggi Cho, Paul English Holy Spirit Holy Spirit - My Senior Partner 75
Turner, Max English Holy Spirit Holy Spirit & Spiritual Gifts - Then and Now 129
Charles Ryrie English Holy Spirit Holy Spirit, The 99
Tozer, A.W. English Holy Spirit How To Be Filled With the Holy Spirit 55
Masters, Peter English Holy Spirit Only One Baptism of the Holy Spirit 55
Tozer, A.W. English Holy Spirit When He Is Come - 10 Messages On The Holy Spirit 55
Joseph, P.V. English Holy Spirit Indian Interpretation of the Holy Spirit 125
English Kids 105 Questions Children Ask About Money Matters 90
Jacob, Malsawmi English Kids Amazing Adventures 50
Hartman, Bob English Kids Bible Baddies 49
Doan, Eleanor English Kids Bible Story Picture Book, The 95
Keefer, Mikal English Kids Bible Time Travellers, The - Explore The Bible 135
Roper, Gayle English Kids Case of the Missing Melody, The 60
Gemmen, Heather & McNeil, Mary English Kids Faithful Friends - Level 1 (5 books pack) 99
White, Paul English Kids Goat Who Wanted To Become A Lion, The 41
English Kids Moses and The Tabernacle 15
John, Cynthia English Kids Mystery of The Dangerous Picnic, The 30
Murphy, Elspeth Campbell English Kids Mystery of the Disappearing Papers, The 60
Taylor, Kenneth English Kids New Testament in Pictures for Little Eyes 60
English Kids Out of the Bulrushes 15
Greene, Carol English Kids PAAB - Jonah's Fishy Adventure 50
John, Cynthia English Kids Picnic Fun With Wonka Bonka 25
English Kids Story of Abraham, The 15
Dowman, Pamela English Kids Story Time One - 14 Bible Stories for Young Children 50
Sibley, Jacqueline English Kids Story Time Two - 14 Bible Stories for Young Children 50
Keefer, Mikal English Kids Surprising Stories - 3 Fun to Read Aloud Stories 135
My First Bible for Tots English Kids The Good Samaritan (HB) 90
Meyer J. Paul, Slechta Randy English Leadership 5 Pillars of Leadership, The - How to Bridge the Leadership Gap 99
Duewel, Wesley English Leadership Ablaze for God 79
Hybels, Bill English Leadership Courageous Leadership 119
Malkhani, Paul Marsh English Leadership Leader In The Making, A 55
Brown, Daniel English Leadership Other Side of Pastoral Ministry, The 69
Prior, Kenneth English Leadership Perils of Leadership 75
Dennison, Justin English Leadership Team Ministry - A Blueprint for Christian Leadership 89
Hughes, Selwyn English Marriage 10 Principles for a Happy Marriage 59
Mylander, Charles English Marriage Christ Centered Marriage, The - Discovering & Enjoying Your Freedom in Christ Together 100
Harley, Willard, F. English Marriage His Needs, Her Needs - Building An Affair-Proof Marriage 150
Wood, Beulah English Marriage How Many Chappatis Do You Want? 90
Cobb & Grigsby English Marriage How To Get Your Husband To Talk To You 370
Dobson, James English Marriage Marriage & Sexuality - Dr. Dobson Answers Your Questions 69
Poonen, Zac English Marriage Sex, Love & Marriage 50
Roberts, Graham English Marriage United In Marriage By One Lord - God's Wisdom on Internmarriage In A Multifaith World 69
Perkins, Bill English Marriage When Good Men are tempted 79
Getz, Gene English Men Measure of a Man, The 99
Lockyer, Herbert English Miracles All the Miracles of the Bible - The Supernatural In Scripture 119
Coates, Gerlad English Miracles He Gives Us Signs - Understanding Miracles 15
Masters, Peter English Miracles Healing Epidemic, The 90
Mayhue, Richard English Miracles Healing Promise, The - Is It Always God's Will to Heal? 99
Achenkunju Pappy, John Philip & George Edward English Missions Bridges Across Cultures 80
Fernando, Ajith English Missions Christian's Attitude Towards World Religions 60
David, George English Missions Communicating Christ Among Indian Peoples 85
Verwer, George English Missions Hunger for Reality 39
Aghamkar, Atul Y. English Missions Insights Into Openness 100
Verwer, George English Missions Out of The Comfort Zone - Grace! Vision! Action! 45
Masters, Peter English Missions Physicians of Souls - The Gospel Ministry 120
Mangalwadi, Vishal English Missions Quest for Freedom & Dignity, The - Caste, Conversion & Cultural Revolution 200
McGavran, Donald English Missions Satnami Story, The 70
Verwer, George English Missions There Is Dynamite In Literature 39
Edward, George English Missions Welcoming The Gospel in Jharkhand 80
Rajendran, K. English Missions Which Way Forward - Indian Missions (A Critique of 25 Years 1972-1997) 150
Thomas, M.V. English Missions Why Do We Preach Christ? 50
Graham, Billy English Missions World Aflame 80
Stott, John English Missions Christian Mission In The Modern World - Communicating To Communities Creatively 60
Anderson, Neil T. English New Age & Cults Finding God's Will in Spiritually Deceptive Times 75
James, Jonathan D. English New Age & Cults Great Deception, The 70
Bulle, Florence English New Age & Cults Many Faces of Deception, The - Discovering The Truth About Some Controversial Teachings In The Church 99
Thomas, Mike & Ann English New Age & Cults Mormonism - A Gold Plated Religion 103
Stone, Anthony P. English New Age & Cults What About Astrology? 50
Chawhan, Jayanand English New Age & Cults FWhat Astrology Is All About 55
Chapman, Annie English Parenting 10 Things I Want My Daughter To Know - Getting Her Ready For Life 99
Chapman, Steve English Parenting 10 Things I Want My Son To Know - Getting Him Ready For Life 99
Danis, Linda English Parenting 365 Things Every New Mom Should Know - A Daily Guide To Loving and Nurturing Your Child 129
McDowell, Josh & Kevin Johnson English Parenting Children Demand A Verdict 99
George, V.C. English Parenting Christian Parenting 75
McDowell, Josh English Parenting Father Connection, The 85
Lewis, Margie & Gregg English Parenting Hurting Parent, The - Help for Parents of Prodigal Sons & Daughters 65
Thomas, Juliet English Parenting Raising Children God's Way 79
Spurgeon, Charles English Passion 12 Sermons on the Cries from the Cross (2) 60
Charnock, Stephen English Passion Christ Crucified - A Puritan's View of the Atonement 168
Green, Michael English Passion Christ is Risen - So What? 130
Lutzer, Erwin English Passion Cries from The Cross - A Journey Into The Heart of Jesus 139
Piper, John English Passion Passion of Jesus Christ, The 69
Exley, Richard English Passion Witness The Passion - Discover the Hope, Embrace The Power, Experience The Grace 99
Oden, Thomas English Pastoral Ministry Classical Pastoral Care - Vol. 1-4 475
Fernando, Ajith English Pastoral Ministry Jesus Driven Ministry 109
Mathews, Dominic English Pastoral Ministry Parables for Preachers 99
Carothers, Merlin English Praise Worship Bringing Heaven Into Hell 49
Carothers, Merlin English Praise Worship From Fear to Faith 69
Carothers, Merlin English Praise Worship Power In Praise 89
Carothers, Merlin English Praise Worship Praise Works! 60
Carothers, Merlin English Praise Worship Prison to Praise 59
Boschman, Lamar English Praise Worship Exploring the Mysteries of Worship 75
Christenson, Evelyn English Prayer A Time To Pray God's Way 89
Lockyer, Herbert English Prayer All the Prayers of the Bible (1) 119
Mueller, George English Prayer Answers to Prayer 49
M. Basilea Schlink English Prayer Building a Wall of Prayer - An Intercessor's Handbook 20
Poonen, Zac English Prayer God-Centred Praying 20
Torrey, R.A. English Prayer How To Pray 59
Unknown English Prayer Kneeling Christian, The 50
Pritchard, Sheila English Prayer Lost Art of Meditation, The - Deepening Your Prayer Life 95
Omartian, Stormie English Prayer Power of a Praying Nation, The 271
Hughes, Selwyn English Prayer Prayer - A Fresh Vision 49
Murray, Andrew English Prayer Prayer Life, The 35
East, Carolyn English Prayer Prayers That Avail Much - An Intercessor's Handbook of Scriptural Prayers - Vol 1 &2 60
Wagner, Peter English Prayer Praying With Power - How To Pray Effectively & Hear Clearly From God 89
Masters, Peter English Prayer The Lord's Pattern for Prayer 60
Duewel, Wesley English Prayer Touch The World Through Prayer 59
Christenson, Evelyn English Prayer What Happens When God Answers Prayer 99
Christenson, Evelyn English Prayer What Happens When Women Pray 59
Cloyd, Betty Shannon English Prayer Children & Prayer 40
Fasol, Al English Preaching A Complete Guide to Sermon Delivery 60
Larsen, David English Preaching A Complete Guide to Sermon Delivery 60
Draper, James T., Jr English Preaching Basic Bible Sermons On Psalms for Everyday Living 59
Robinson, Haddon (Ed) English Preaching Biblical Sermons - How 12 Preachers Apply the Principles of Biblical Preaching 574
Larson, Craig Brian (Ed) English Preaching Contemporary Illustrations for Preachers, Teachers & Writers 506
Wiersbe, Warren English Preaching Elements of Preaching - The 49
Larson, Craig Brian (Ed) English Preaching Great Themes of the Bible 95
Van Cleave, Micheal M. English Preaching Handbook of Preaching 60
Braga, James English Preaching How to Prepare Bible Messages 99
Stott, John English Preaching I Believe In Preaching 75
Jeary, Tony English Preaching Inspire Any Audience - Proven Secrets of Professionals for Powerful Presentations 149
Anderson, Kenton C. English Preaching Preaching With Conviction - Connecting With Post Modern Listeners 69
Mawhinney, Bruce English Preaching Preaching With Freshness 99
English Preaching Sermon Record Book 60
Wood, Beulah English Preaching Turn The Key to Creativity and Preach More Effectievly 90
Bock, Darrell English Prophecy 3 Views on the Millennium and Beyond 89
Yonggi Cho, David English Prophecy 4th Dimension, The - Vol 1 79
Yonggi Cho, Paul English Prophecy 4th Dimension, The - Vol 2 89
Joseph, Chacko Athialy English Prophecy Armageddon & The Second Coming - The 70 Weeks Prophecy 95
Walvoord, John English Prophecy Church in Prophecy - Exploring God's Purpose for the Present Age 75
Walvoord, John English Prophecy Final Drama, The - 14 Keys to Understanding The Prophetic Scriptures 79
James, William (Ed) English Prophecy Foreshocks of Antichrist 149
Smith, Chuck English Prophecy Future Survival 29
Ice & Gentry Jr. English Prophecy Great Tribulation, The - Past or Future 89
Lindsey, Hal & Carlson, C.C. English Prophecy Late Great Planet Earth, The 30
Boice, James Montgomery English Prophecy Minor Prophets, The (2 volumes) 199
Warner, Colin English Prophecy Patmos Scenario, The 89
Pierce, Dr. E.K. Victor English Prophecy Prophecy - EFT - Vol 3 129
Hill, Clifford English Prophecy Prophecy - Past & Present - An Exploration of the Prophetic Ministry In the Bible & the Church Today 129
Kennedy, John English Prophecy Prophecy for Today 52
Fogle, Fredercick P. English Prophecy Road Map to The Future, A 79
Pentecost, J. Dwight English Prophecy Things to Come - A Study in Biblical Eschatology (2) 299
Buraga, Jeevaratnam English Prophecy/Book Study Revelation Unravelled 150
Chawhan, Jayanand English Prophecy/Book Study Book of Daniel & The Return of the Lord, The 55
Dobson, James English Questions Solid Answers 199
English Questions Complete Bible Quiz & Quest, The 450
Ray, Rayburn English Questions Bible IQ - 1000 Questions to Rate Your Scriptural Savvy 108
Kelly, Douglas English Science Creation & Change 89
Yancey & Brand English Science Fearfully & Wonderfully Made 70
Mondithoka, Sudhakar English Science God - Science & Scientists 50
Yancey & Brand English Science In His Image - The Sequel To Fearfully & Wonderfully Made 89
Pierce, Dr. E.K. Victor English Science Origin & Destiny of Life - EFT - Vol 5 109
Moreland, J.P English Science Christianity and the Nature of Science 149
Abou-Rahme, Farid English Science And God Said… Science Confirms The Authority of the Bible 90
English Songs Come Bless The Lord 45
English Songs Songs of Zion 95
Kinnaman, Gary English Spiritual Warfare Angels - Dark & Light 109
Tozer, A.W. English Spiritual Warfare I Talk Back to The Devil 55
Marsh, F.E. English Study 1000 Bible Study Outlines (2) 199
Lockyer, Herbert English Study All The Men of the Bible 149
Yancey, Philip English Study Bible Jesus Read, The 99
Keach, Benjamin English Study Exposition of the Parables 395
Yonggi Cho, David English Study Homecell Group Study Guide, The (Vol. 1) 119
Fee & Stuart English Study How To Read the Bible For All Its Worth - 3rd Ed 129
Pearson, Helen Bruch English Study Mother Roots - The Female Ancestors of Jesus 160
Ross, Barry English Study Musing With David 75
Roeseler, Manfred English Study New Life With Jesus - Basic Bible Course 89
Guthrie, Donald English Study New Testament Introduction - Revised Ed 549
Ross, Barry English Study Our Incomparable God - A Commentary on Isaiah 40-55 95
Nee, Watchman English Study Sit, Walk, Stand (Ephesians) 25
Allen, J. English Study What the Bible Teaches - Revelation 475
Moore, Beth English Study A Heart Like His 280
English Study Shepherd's Staff, The - New Believer's Training Manual 175
Freiberg, Barbara & Timothy English Study Analytical Greek New Testament 1590
Kohlenberger, John R. III and Swanson, James English Study New Living Translation - Complete Concordance 1310
Strong, James English Study New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, The 758
English Study NIV Compact Concordance 390
English Study Word Study New Testament and Concordance, The (2 book set) 1685
Henry, Mathew English Study Zondervan NIV Mathew Henry Commentary 1290
Santiago, J.B. English Teaching One Lamp Lights Another 69
Grenz & Olsen English Theology 20th Century Theology - God & The World In a Transitional Age 179
Moreland & Reynolds English Theology 3 Views on Creation and Evolution 89
Mathew Pinson English Theology 4 Views on Eternal Security 109
William Crockett English Theology 4 Views on Hell 69
Okholm & Phillips English Theology 4 Views on Salvation in a Pluralistic World 99
Steven Cowan English Theology 5 Views on Apologetics 135
Bahnsen, Kaiser Jr., Moo, Strickland, VanGemeren Ed by Stanley Gundry English Theology 5 Views on Law and Gospel 139
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