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Articles and features (January 2020)

Editorial: This world or the next? - Jacob Ninan wants us to identify which one is occupying our mind.

"What Jesus came to give us Ė freedom from sin and a transformation into godliness."

Our churches are sick! - Letís follow the Bible and not depart from it, emphasises Mrunal Raiborde Londhe.

"We need to rise above the differences and solve them amicably within the church."

The final judgment - We can show our love towards God only by what we can do for our fellow beings, exhorts K. P. Luke Vydhian.

"Out of the two commandments in the summary of the law and the prophets, we can observe the first commandment only by observing the second one."

The joy of partnership in the Gospel - Vivek Salins calls us to see whether our attitude, motives, speech and conduct are worthy of the Gospel of Christ.

"Paul unfolds some of the spiritual blessings that accompany the Gospel of Christ."

Live-in - Sin remains sin, even if it is widely accepted by the society, emphasises Reginald Chand.

"Live-in relationship provides for a life free from responsibility and commitment, which are essential elements of marriage."

Godís plan or manís choice? - Sexual freedom without responsibility is dangerous to the true freedom of society, warns Vivek A. Gundimi.

"Expression cannot be the guiding light of how we behave, but intention has to be the guiding beacon by which we go."

Bible synopsis - Part 6 - Lily Abraham through Matthew to Romans.

The disciple and situational ethics - If we claim to know the truth, we better live by it, states Imanuel Christian.

"The Bible clearly does not condone situational ethics; it provides us the absolutes, an absolute moral standard for life."

Dying - Dying in the mortal body to sin was first done by Jesus who was without sin, teaches Sanjeeb Kumar Das.

"After receiving Jesus as our personal Saviour, our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit of God dwells in us."

Your Letters

Poem - On prayer - Felix Fernandes

Quiz 01/2020

Word and the world - False religions - Cyril Georgeson

Life lessons from science - The law of gravity - Vijay Thangiah


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