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Articles and features (February 2020)

Editorial: Impressive philosophy? - Jacob Ninan warns us not to be fooled by philosophies of men.

"Christian worldview comes in and brings relief to sincere seekers of the truth, bringing a cohesive understanding of all the different aspects of life here and in eternity."

Dual citizenship of a believer - We are citizens on earth as well as in the kingdom of God, points out Fredric Dawson.

"A believer’scitizenship of the kingdom of heaven entitles him to many benefits."

Jesus’ claims to divinity - Through the ‘I am’ statements, the Lord establishes His divinity beyond all doubts, teaches K. P. Luke Vydhian.

"When the Lord comes into our lives, just as darkness disappears at the dawn of the sun, we are freed from the darkness of sin."

The cross of Christ has made us flawless - The cross of Jesus was planted to help us seek a solution for all our imperfections, claims Vivek A. Gundimi.

"The cross of Jesus is not only capable of healing us, but also remarkable of doing something beyond healing for anyone, of anything, at anytime."

A peaceful mind is a healthy mind - Christiana Joseph believes that God wants us to have an abundant life, free of stress.

"Only when we forgive others can we expect God to forgive us."

Bible synopsis - Part 7 - Lily Abraham takes us through 1 Corinthians to 2 Timothy.

The church - If a church is heading towards a dangerous end, its leaders must remember Christ’s command and repent, admonishes Vivek Salins.

"The only ‘qualification’ God recognises for inclusion in the body of Christ is for one to be reconciled to God."

The disciple and his Ebenezer - One Ebenezer will remind us of the seriousness of sin; another of God’s grace, contends Imanuel Christian.

"We claim His promises that He is our everpresent help in time of trouble, but do not consider our responsibility of faithfulness."

The star - Dorathy Premalatha leads us to desire to have inner eyes opened to see God, even when the star is hidden in the chaos of the world.

"Pursuing God in our own human ways, despite our best efforts, may not lead us to Him."

Abundant life - Our true identity can only be experienced in a relationship with Jesus, points out M. G. Mathews.

The faithful One - Suresh Manoharan points out that our Heavenly Father always remains faithful.


Poem - For such a time as this - Fredric Dawson

Quiz 02/2020

Word and the world - The ache of love - Cyril Georgeson

Notes along the journey - Give God the glory - Oby Cherian


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