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coverpage'Light of Life' is a monthly magazine published in India catering to the whole Christian family. The endeavour is to inspire, instruct, inform and influence people in becoming better followers of Jesus Christ. It provides a forum through a variety of articles and features where a Christian perspective is presented with a view to formulate Christian opinion in the country on matters of national and social significance.

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Articles and features (September 2019)

Editorial: Care for self-awareness? - Without this and self-acknowledgement we will remain stagnant, says Jacob Ninan.

"To say that we want to become like Jesus and then be unwilling to look at where exactly we are unlike Him is incompatible with each other."

Choose the good part - When we sit at the feet of Jesus, He gives us God honouring motives and desires, teaches Christiana Joseph.

"If we have a meaningful relationship with God, we will be subdued, humble, submissive, with our sharp points blunted, and become better people to live with."

Absolute trust in God - The attitude displayed by Habakkuk is the ideal attitude for any worshipper of God, states K. P. Luke Vydhian.

"Having waited for the Lord and listened to God, the prophet is completely transformed. He has no more questions for God."

Faith: blind or biblical? - Let our life of faith touch the lives of many others, exhorts Vivek Salins.

"In contrast to blind faith, the faith that the Bible talks about has a firm basis which sustains the believers in this world and prepares them for the new world to come."

Bible synopsis – Part 2 - Lily Abraham takes us through 1 Samuel to Nehemiah in this second part of Bible Synopsis.

"During these years God’s people slowly, but steadily, went into severe moral and spiritual degeneration."

Ethics in the market place – Part 1 - India needs to see us as ‘extraordinary people’ filled by the Holy Spirit who live up to our claims, challenges Peter S. C. Pothen.

"Since corruption is a basic part of our society, a believing Christian must stand out as one who is different."

Greater works than Jesus? - Duke Jeyaraj destroys the claims made by the forensic prophecy and miracle money preachers.

"The ‘greater works’ that believers will do must bring God glory and must be worthy enough to be asked for in Jesus’ name.

Praying right - How do you approach God in your prayer life, asks M. G. Mathews.

"God can take a surrendered life and make it and shape it anew."

Your Letters

"Thousands are blessed – Great blessing"

Poem - David and Goliath - Felix Fernandes

Crossword No. 66 - J. Fredric Dawson

Word and the world - Minding the heart - Cyril Georgeson

"Scripture reveals a God who grieves, rejoices, gets angry, loves and hates – He is a God who is not ashamed to express His emotions."

Notes along the journey - The widow’s mite - Oby Cherian

"Our Lord only looks at the heart with which we give and the love for Him that prompted the gift."

Character study - Zimri - Vijay Thangiah

"It is not outward goodness that matters but inward purity."


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