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Articles and features (October 2019)

Editorial: Shall we be consistent? - All of life, what we believe and do, should make sense together, reminds Jacob Ninan.

"If we are able to hold certain views in our mind and at the same time live our practical life in a way that is contrary to our belief, what does it tell us?"

Who says you’re not called? - Christians are to be with Jesus, announce that He is Lord, bear fruit for Him, witness to His presence and power in their lives, and do good to glorify God, teaches Kuruvilla Chandy.

"As long as we abide in Him, we will produce fruit."

So great a salvation - Without the salvation offered by God we are doomed to eternal damnation, teaches K. P. Luke Vydhian.

"The Devil spoke sweetly to the woman and convinced her that by eating the forbidden fruit, no harm would come to them. In fact, the Devil convinced her that by eating the fruit they would become like God."

Faith of a fallen woman - We should never take a holier-than-thou attitude with such groups of people as prostitutes, etc., states J. Fredric Dawson.

"Rahab started believing the Lord Jehovah and put her trust in Him."

Bible synopsis – Part 3 - Lily Abraham takes us through the poetry and wisdom section in this third part of Bible synopsis.

"Psalms is a book of prayers and praises of men who are in right relationship with God, honestly expressing what is on their heart."

The disciple and his ‘thorn in the flesh’ - Sometimes God, in His wisdom, may not take away the thorn in the flesh as in Paul’s experience, encourages Imanuel G. Christian.

"It is obvious that God allows a thorn in the flesh especially to those who know Him and are loved by Him."

The risen Christ - Commit to seeking God’s approval alone and the power of His resurrection, challenges Vico.

"Of the many religions, only Christianity claims that Jesus returned from the grave.

What a friend! - Do we belong to Jonathan’s genre or Job’s friends category, asks Suresh Manoharan.

"Here we have the sinless, Holy One of eternity donning ‘flesh and blood’ specifically for dying for the ‘eternal spiritual welfare’ of His enemies who wouldn’t hesitate to crucify Him!"

Bragging - Paul makes it a point not to boast of himself and his numbers, but rather to glorify God, emphasises Reginald Chand.

"Bragging/boasting is evil, and braggarts are grumblers, complainers, walking according to their own lusts, and they mouth great swelling word (bragging/ boasting), flattering to gain advantage (favouritism)."

Regeneration – relationship - Vivek Salins takes us through God’s perspectives on generation, regeneration, relationship and religion.

"Those who believe in Jesus and surrender their lives to His lordship, have the assurance from God’s word that they have been regenerated and that they now have a share in the divine nature."

Your Letters

"Spiritual Contents – Good For Spiritual Growth"

Poem - Song of Confession - Felix Fernandes

Crossword No. 1

Word and the world - Techalert – your data is valuable - Cyril Georgeson

"Our trust in government, professionals, technology, church leadership, education, etc., should only be to the extent that they are aligned with the revealed will of God in Scripture, who desires the good of everyone, without bias."

Notes along the journey - It is always 'time to pray' - Oby Cherian

"We need His grace to plan our life, doing the things that are of eternal value."


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