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'Light of Life' is a monthly magazine published in India catering to the whole Christian family. The endeavour is to inspire, instruct, inform and influence people in becoming better followers of Jesus Christ. It provides a forum through a variety of articles and features where a Christian perspective is presented with a view to formulate Christian opinion in the country on matters of national and social significance.

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Articles and features (July 2018)

Editorial: The wheat and the tares - A mixed multitude is defiling Christianity, suggests Jacob Ninan.

Excellence in character - We must set high standards and make efforts to achieve them, teaches Francis Sunderaraj.

Closing the back door - It is not enough to begin well, warns Stanley Mehta.

The two covenants - The standard of righteousness expected from a New Testament believer is higher than that of the Law, exhorts Lily Abraham.

The strength to go on - It is better to look for Godís strength in our weaknesses and look to it as the source of our strength, encouragesVico.

The true gospel and the false - Man was created to be centred in God and not in himself, states Zac Poonen.

Rabboni Ė my Lord and my God - Jesus is in need of followers, not for the good times alone, encourages Christiana Joseph.

The disciple and his walk by faith - Imanuel G. Christian answers the question, how the assurance and certainty of the long-term future help us as we face many uncertainties?

The epistle of James Ė continuing debates - Luke Vydhian takes us through the book of James and its strong teaching to live to reflect the character of Christ at all times.

Wisdom: Godís view versus manís - One should aspire to possess the wisdom to know God, believe in Him and honour Him, encouragesJanet Edwin.

Of crowds and Christ - Not everyone in the crowds following Jesus is after Him, warns Suresh Manoharan.

WEAVE PRAYER INTO YOUR LIFE - Samson Gandhi challenges us to couple or bind prayer to what we do to fulfil His purposes in our lives.

The making of peter the disciple- 14 - The church should never lose its own primary focus on holiness within, exhorts Sandeep Poonen.

Your Letters

Testimony - From depression to praise - Daniel Sathiaraj

Poem - House on the rock - Felix Fernandes

Crossword No. 52 - J. Fredric Dawson

Word and the world - The foundation of His throne - Cyril Georgeson

Notes along the journey - Speak the word - Oby Cherian

Character - Methuselah - Vijay Thangiah


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