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We wish you a very blessed new year in 2018.

"Light of Life" is a monthly magazine published in India catering to the whole Christian family. The endeavour is to inspire, instruct, inform and influence people in becoming better followers of Jesus Christ. It provides a forum through a variety of articles and features where a Christian perspective is presented with a view to formulate Christian opinion in the country on matters of national and social significance.

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Articles and features (January 2018)

Editorial: Are we missing something in our church? - We need to learn to interpret the Bible in the right manner, points out Jacob Ninan.

By choice - The incarnation is about God choosing to be with us in our sinful flesh, emphasises Kuruvilla Chandy.

The significance of the church - There is no doubt that Christianity, as we know today, started with the emergence of a church at Antioch, states K. P. Luke Vydhian.

Governance of churches - Men are only instruments in Godís hand for achieving the divine purpose, asserts P. Abraham.

Bible - the book that speaks - The Bible is able to console, counsel, caution, encourage and give wisdom, statesChristiana Joseph.

The king chose to meet! - God surely wants us to dwell with Him in His never ending love, says Swathi Abburi.

Is your house built upon rock? - Are you building your life on the solid rock of the Gospel? Or, are you building your life on shifting sand? asks Malathi Sathiyasekaran.

Jealousy versus conviction - Jealousy and fear are reflections of the carnal nature of man, reiterates P. L. N. Raju.

Ministers of the Holy Spirit - As living stones, we are chosen and valuable to God, created to minister His living word, stresses Deepika E. Sagar.

The living trees - A good man produces good deeds from a good heart, challenges Latha Jebackumar.

Hope for the suffering world - M. G. Mathews comforts us, stating that there is hope for the suffering world.

Pleasure on demand, not a good idea - Many succumb to the lie of Satan that they can have pleasure on demand, warns Samson Gandhi.

Motion, reformation and celebration - Suresh Manoharan traces the history and reasons for the Reformation movement.

The making of peter the disciple Ė 9 - A key mark of those who speak on Godís behalf is that they listen to Him first, points out Sandeep Poonen.

Your Letters

Poem - The Great Multitude Before the throne - J. Fredric Dawson

Crossword No. 46 - J. Fredric Dawson

Word and the world - The least of my brethren - Cyril Georgeson

Notes along the journey - Slaves of our senses - Oby Cherian

Character - Haman - Vijay Thangiah


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