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'Light of Life' is a monthly magazine published in India catering to the whole Christian family. The endeavour is to inspire, instruct, inform and influence people in becoming better followers of Jesus Christ. It provides a forum through a variety of articles and features where a Christian perspective is presented with a view to formulate Christian opinion in the country on matters of national and social significance.

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Articles and features (August 2018)

Editorial: A seeking Christian - Jacob Ninan points out that a Christian ought to be always seeking God.

Complacent in sharing the word? - Shantha Kingston explores why we have not reached even three percent of the 1.3 billion people in India.

Thermometer and thermostat believers - Suresh Manoharan encourages all believers to be thermostats for the Lord.

Godís grace Ė receive and respond - The grace of God is for us to be blessed in this world and manifest His grace, exhorts P. L. N. Raju.

If you have failedÖ - You can bet that God will carry us through the tumultuous times, encourages Duke Jeyaraj.

Our divine relative - If we donít have a relationship with God and connect with Him, we donít belong to Him, challenges Kuruvilla Chandy.

Pentecost - Do I manifest the fruit of the Spirit in my life and ministry, asks Christiana Joseph.

The disciple and suffering injustice - God in His sovereignty can turn injustices, false accusations and loss of temporal rewards into a blessing, states Imanuel G. Christian.

Practise generosity - Samson Gandhi challenges us to be generous with our money, space and time.

The making of Peter the disciple- 15 - Hypocrisy and seeking the approval of man are sins that reside deep within us, warns Sandeep Poonen.

Your Letters

Poem - How will this be? - J. Fredric Dawson

Testimony - Great is Thy faithfulness - M. Mathew

Crossword No. 53 - J. Fredric Dawson

Word and the world - Wabi-sabi - Cyril Georgeson

Notes along the journey - A motherís protection - Oby Cherian

Character - Nabal - Vijay Thangiah


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