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"Light of Life" is a monthly magazine published in India catering to the whole Christian family. The endeavour is to inspire, instruct, inform and influence people in becoming better followers of Jesus Christ. It provides a forum through a variety of articles and features where a Christian perspective is presented with a view to formulate Christian opinion in the country on matters of national and social significance.


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Articles and features (November 2016)

Editorial: Evangelism - False steps in this crucial ministry will build up a faulty foundation, warns Jacob Ninan.

Maximum or minimum for the Lord - Zac Poonen emphasises that there is a vast difference between lives under the old and new covenants.

Baal in the backyard - We cannot worship God, and at the same time, and hide sins in our life, warns J. Fredric Dawson.

Ethics in the market place - Part-1 - Christians need to show a unity between words and deeds, challenges Peter Pothan.

Predictably unpredictable! - The only one that does not change in this world is God, challenges Suresh Manoharan.

Knowing God - Aasish Cherian points out that for every Christian it is necessary to have a knowledge of God and an experience with Him.

To live is Christ and to die is gain - If we live with Christ there will be much for us to gain in death, says Daniel Sathiaraj.

The art of dying - Samip Baruah exhorts us to live in such a way that our death will bear witness to it.

Dealing with the doubt factor in your teens - Encourage the teen with doubts to keep asking questions, says Deepika Emmanuel Sagar.

Your Letters

Poem - Paradise lost and found - Felix Fernandes

Word and the world - Not alone! - Cyril Georgeson

Notes along the journey - Post that case - Oby Cherian

Crossword No. 32 - J. Fredric Dawson

Leadership lessons - First in service and last in reward - Vijay Thangiah


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