Light of Life: January 2015


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Articles and features

Editorial: God with us - The closer we are with God, the stronger will be our trust in Him, says Jacob Ninan

And The Angels Sang - We Christians must look eagerly to Christ’s Second Advent, reminds Rohan Furtado.

Always! - The confidence of Christians is that God is with them irrespective of circumstances, points out J. N. Manokaran.

Asking for it - Kuruvilla Chandy explains what prayer is all about.

Lessons from Amos - J. Fredric Dawson draws valuable lessons from the book of Amos.

The church and the tribulation - God seeks to train us today to be His commando troops in that soon coming future day, writes Zac Poonen.

The disciple and His Bible - Imanuel Christian gives a concise overview of the process of canonisation of the Bible.

The ‘unsuccessful’ prophets - Our efforts and faithfulness are being recognised by the Lord, reminds Suresh Manoharan.

The perils of trust-deficit - It is not so much as ‘what we say or do’ as it is ‘who we are’ that really matters, emphasises Binoy Muduli.

The paradox that is Jesus - Bernard Thangasamy explains some of the paradoxes found in the Bible.

Bible study - The ultimate wedding - Sandeep Poonen

STARtling FACTS - Compiled by Kim Mahade

Crossword No.14

Notes Along The Journey - 63 - Acceptance - Oby Cherian

Word and the world - Shades of grey in sexuality - Cyril Georgeson

Leadership lessons - When the going gets tough, the tough get going - Vijay Thangiah

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