Light of Life: February 2015


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Articles and features

Editorial: The Tussle Between Two Worlds - Jacob Ninan calls for a balanced outlook towards the present world and the one to come.

Coming Again - Life ends and begins again in the everlasting arms of our Saviour, for whom we wait eagerly and expectantly, writes Shantanu Dutta.

Knowing God - Samuel Manoharam explains what it means to know God personally.

Money A Christian Perspective - Be rich in good works, generous and ready to share, exhorts Bernard Thangasamy.

New Year Resolutions Yearly Ritual? - It's not too late to start all over again, says Manu George.

Of Wealth, Williams and Waters - Are you enjoying to the hilt the blessings of the New Covenant through Christ? asks Suresh Manoharan.

R.I.P.? - Are you going to be there in heaven, asks Kuruvilla Chandy.

The Creation Of The Earth And The Origin Of Satan - God never creates anything imperfect, or in evolutionary stages, points out Zac Poonen.

The Dynamic Church - The church is meant for growth, and if it does not grow, one can consider that to be a sick unit, warns Sunil Kolhar.

You Are Remembered - When we face trials and tribulations, God remembers us, reminds Esther Robinson.

Notes Along The Journey - 64 - Abide in the word and let the word abide in you - Oby Cherian

Your Questions Answered - Holy Spirit Baptism

Word and the world - Movie Release - Fifty Shades Of Grey - Cyril Georgeson


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