July 2014
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  Thank you, LOL!
I wish to thank LOL for the timely editorial Debate Competition by Jacob Ninan (May 2014). The editorial does deal with 'exegetic acrobatics' vis-a-vis 'weird things in the name of the Holy Spirit'. For the greater stability of the church there should be a healthy exchange of understanding among the believers regarding 'scriptural knowledge' and 'spiritual experience'. It's not a question of ‘either or’, but ‘both and’ in the real sense!

Vandana U. G., in her It Is So Good To Die (May 2014) explains ‘dying to self' in a way that's not difficult to understand for anyone. “after you (we) have experienced the new birth, it's not viable to also live in the ways of this world” (parentheses mine).When we die to sin through the Holy Spirit we'll be free to obey God in every way. As the author says “sin does work like a slow poison.” We don't have to take it after all!

In A Friend by Sharon Sugumaran (May 2014] God's plan for redeeming mankind is rephrased in a way that anybody could know what it is. Yes, “the ultimate plan of God ...is to befriend man and develop an intimate relationship with him.” Jesus calls me to be His friend! Jesus calls you to be His friend! Jesus calls us to be His friends! What's my, your, our response to His call? Why not just say, “Lord, here I am”? Is there any cost on our part? No, not at all, my friends!

Suresh Manoharan's The Lord’s Radar (May 2014) is a well-structured article. Such neatly organised writing is more communicative for reading as well as remembering for a long time. I appreciate Suresh Manoharan for the sectional headings like Risk, Reward, Rescue…, all with reference to another R-Rahab (Josh.2:6; Heb.11:31).

Lily Abraham in her article Covenant asks an important question: Is it (your salvation) just a passport to escape from hell’s fury...?

Finally, a word of appreciation to Kim Mahade (May 2014) for the feature STARtling FACTS!

We pray that LOL may serve many a people in the days to come!

Dr. P. Selvaraj, Pollachi, TN.

  The Devil’s Revenge
This refers to the write-up Overcome the Devil by K. V. Varghese (May 2014). The devil today is using all kinds of tactics, most effective being the print media and television channels, to turn people away from God. Newspapers and magazines carry the moral filth of nude and semi-nude pictures of men and women which the grown-ups and little children alike keep looking at with filthy minds.

The print and electronic media are the devil’s effective tools to prevent Christians from praying. He is the enemy of mankind and his grand design is to devour and destroy souls. “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (1Pet.5:8). We should refrain from surfing the internet for dirty sites, because those who have put those sites on the internet belong to the devil. The devil is trying to take revenge on God because He drove him out of Paradise for his rebellion. We are God’s people and we must live the life Jesus lived.

The devil is a liar; he is the father of lies. If the body of every born-again Christian is the temple of the Holy Spirit and if God has created us in His own image and likeness, how can we listen to the devil and sin against God? We must not tell lies, but always speak the truth. It hurts the Lord Jesus when we tell lies.

If we truly love God, we will not listen to the devil, but tune in to what God instructs us in His word and keep ourselves unspotted from the filth of this world. The devil can come to us in any form, even in the form of a handsome man or a beautiful woman in order to lure us into sin.

Jubel D’Cruz, Mumbai, Mah.

  Praise God!
Having read the May 2014 issue of your esteemed magazine, I praised God for the two articles – God’s Rescue Mission by Bro. Vivek Salins and It Is So Good To Die by Sis. Vandana U. G.

Brother Salins explains the true meaning of salvation experience and concludes with a significant statement, “A Christian who claims to believe in Jesus and worships Him, but fails to exhibit Christ-like character, takes grace for granted. He does not allow the grace of Christ to flow through him and touch other lives.”

Sis. Vandana U. G. briefly narrates her post-salvation experience of ‘dying to self’. I rejoice and praise God for touching the lives of the youngsters like Vandana in this generation when many are being lured away from God to a devilish nature by electronic gadgets and technological advances. Let us all pray that godly nature prevails and we are prepared for the judgment of God.

P. D. Arthur Prasad, Mysore, Ka.

  Worth Reading
Manu George's article Do you enjoy your church? (LOL May 2014) is worth reading and deserves a thinking to investigate our church life. Appreciate Manu George for the thought-provoking write up. Sincerely in Christ.

Rev. Dr. Nabin C. Singha, Banskandi, Assam.

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