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The Editorial (LOL June 2013) is highly thought-provoking. Christians globally should seriously brood over the issue. What I personally feel is the Bible should be read by people in an unadulterated form because we have been warned against any addition or deletion in the Bible in order to retain its original spiritual value. Presentation of the Bible in ‘Mark Burnet and Roma Downeey’ may have a negative effect when people fail to co-relate the literature of the script with the audio-visuals on the TV screen. My sincere thanks to Mr. Jacob Ninan for such an informative editorial as this.

Chandan Lal Tewary, Balasore (Odisha)

  Think or Believe?
The Editorial ‘Think or Believe?’ by Jacob Ninan (LOL Jul.2013) is timely and valid. The church in Mumbai is passing through such a time. Members of the church do not stop and think in the matter of their belief. God expects His people to think and not become easy prey to all emerging trends and personality cults among the Christian denominations. Thanks, Jacob Ninan!

Rev. W. G. Kunder, Mumbai

  A Masterpiece
Jacob Ninan’s article ‘Staying on in abuse’ (LOL Jul.2013) is a masterpiece.

Titus Manickam Rock, Versova (Mumbai)

  Timely Editorial
I thank Jacob Ninan for his timely Editorial (Sept.2013) of Light of Life (LOL) and also J. R. Jayabalan and Samuel Manoharam for their messages. They have all expressed serious concern over the low estate of the present-day churches. It is astonishing that the countries which sent missionaries to various parts of the world have been captivated by modern theology. It is also very sad to see some pastors and leaders are being led away from the truth. In the midst of these discouragements, we can thank God for a remnant, His chosen people who, with a great burden, plead to God to send us a revival.

LOL is also ministering to the needs of the seeking souls through soul-nourishing messages by God’s children. LOL ministry is unique in the sense that believers from various denominations flock together as a family fellowship. I have a great burden for LOL that this blessed ministry will grow as a high lighthouse spreading forth the light of Jesus Christ in this dark world…. “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever” (Heb.13:8).

M. J. Jacob, Thiruchirapally

  Three Cheers!
The answer to the question, “How do I fight pornography and sexual lust?” (LOL Aug. 2013) is elaborately discussed by Sandeep Poonen. These struggles apply to both young and old alike. Three cheers and ‘hats off’ to brother Sandeep Poonen for his Bible-based answer!

The article, “Medinat Yisrael” by Vijaya Bhasker (LOL Aug.2013) is praiseworthy. I pray that both Sandeep Poonen and Vijaya Bhasker may be used further for the glory of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

P. D. Arthur Prasad, Mysore

I have been enjoying Oby Cherian’s “Notes Along The Journey.” I am stirred by his Journey-46 (LOL Jul.2013). “The Lord knows the thoughts of man; He knows that they are futile” (Psa.94:11). This verse is such a comfort, and not a warning of CCTV. God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient. What a delight and comfort for all believers. Thank you Oby. Thank you Editor.

I have enjoyed it and will again write just how I am intrigued by the last names: Samuel Manoharam and Suresh Manoharan; even their pictures seem to suggest that they are father and son and that the third generation also writes! Well done!

The study on Joshua, by Vijay Thangiah, is going to engross me now. Thanks for your efforts.

Pushpa N. Lyall, Dehra Dun

  ‘Short Story’
It was a joy to read your September 2013 issue, especially the short story Mary Jones, by S. Vijaya Bhasker. Also would like to thank Mr. M. J. Jacob for appreciating my writing.

Deepika Emmanuel Sagar, Joshpur (Raj.)

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