June 2013
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I had the opportunity of reading Light of Life magazine in a friend’s home and was impressed by the contents of the magazine. I am sending a cheque towards one year’s subscription.

Varghese Mathew, Mumbai

  An Eye-opener
This refers to the article ‘Abortion’ by Rev. Sindhu Pani (LOL February 2013). It is an eye-opener for those who are encouraging, coercing or forcing women for abortion. It is a spiritually emotional article. Rev. Pani has aptly dealt with this global problem.

Chandan Lal Tewary, Balasore (Orissa)

I am a regular reader and an ardent lover of LOL. I was shocked to see an advertisement in April 2013 issue for a school in your magazine where they teach aasanaas and breathing exercises – a glorified form of Yoga. My humble request that you go through the advertisements before they are published.

Magdalene Daniel, Hyderabad

  No Other Fount!
Robert Lowry’s lyric is simple but profound! Yes, nothing but the blood of Jesus can wash away our sins. Animal sacrifice? Human sacrifice? A dip in rivers? Large gatherings? Nothing! No need for any of these things! Nothing but the blood of Jesus. What an ‘overarching simplicity and a ‘compelling elegance’ of the Gospel!

And we don’t have to ‘snap our ties with logic and reason’ as Andrew Tunner from Australia had to do to help the Maha Kumbh Mela, a world record of events! The Gospel has evidence in history. It’s no myth!

I thank Cyril Georgeson for his article: ‘No Other Fount I know!’ and LOL (March 2013) for publishing it. Looking forward to reading more such articles in your ‘Magazine For Christian Growth’. Amen! Alleluia!!

Dr. P. Selvaraj, Coimbatore

Oby Cherians’s ‘It’s Not About Us’ (LOL January 2013) speaks to me, an avid reader, in a very special way. Books contain and convey words so very important for our lives – physical as well as spiritual. God can speak to us through words and phrases too! Sometimes we’ll be baffled at how even ads could inspire us, for a different purpose though. Words are very important. They should be used diligently. Words could make or break relationships, our relationship with God including. Let me say kudos to Oby Cherian for his short but profound writing. I welcome LOL to publish more such life-oriented and life-enriching literary contributions. God Bless LOL!

Dr. P. Selvaraj, Coimbatore

  Religious Obligations
While the Editorial ‘Religious Obligations’ by Jacob Ninan is well written, I am at a loss to understand his statement, “The term ‘Christians’ unfortunately includes even atheists and agnostics…” The Creator God in Christ did not discriminate, as He died for all (Jn.3:16); even the thief on the cross was saved at the last moment of his life. We cannot judge anyone; the ultimate Judge is our Lord Jesus Christ. Kindly correct me if I am wrong.

P. D. Arthur Prasad, Mysore

  J. Ninan’s Response
The full sentence which Mr. Prasad has quoted is, “The term ‘Christians’ unfortunately includes even atheists and agnostics just because these happen to have been born in a ‘Christian’ family.” In a strict sense, the term ‘Christian’ should only include disciples of Jesus (Acts 11:26). Of course since Jesus died for the whole world, everyone (including atheists, agnostics or people from any religion) has the opportunity to become a disciple of Jesus and be called Christian. However, nowadays those who do not have any real faith in Jesus are also called Christians because of their name or family. This is an unfortunate fact.

Jacob Ninan, Bangalore

  Valuable Magazine
Thank you for your valuable magazine which we enjoy reading. It is a good resource for godly people, marvellous in presenting various themes from cover to cover.

Sirish B. Kancherla, Guntur (A.P.)

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