December 2013
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  Medinat Yisrael
On behalf of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, we thank you for the article Medinat Yisrael by S. Vijaya Bhasker in Light of Life (Aug.2013). We derive tremendous strength from the unwavering support of our many friends around the world, and appreciate your kind words of encouragement.

Jonathan Schachter, Acting Advisor to Prime Minister For Diaspora Affairs, Jerusalem

  Touched my heart!
Some of the articles in the October 2013 issue have touched my heart:

The Editorial, ‘Dependence on God’, by Bro. Jacob Ninan is commendable. He rightly observes that Christians are discarding the Bible as their final authority on moral standards.

‘Christian Life Is No Easy Road’ by Bro. P. Samuel Manoharam is an eye-opener for us to see how the present events in this world are leading to the prophetical last days and the Judgement…

‘The Disciple And Jehovah-Rophe’ by Bro. Imanuel G. Christian is very thoughtful. The writer’s statement, “When we think of Jehovah-rophe as ‘God our Healer,’ we usually think of it in the physical sense, that God heals all our diseases. But there is so much deeper healing in view here than just physical healing,” is absolutely true.

P. D. Arthur Prasad, Mysore.

Thanks for sending the magazine regularly. All articles are superb. My congrats to Crystaline John. It is very nice to see students reading and writing for such magazines. May God bless them more.

Elizabeth Arthur, Nilgiris

I am very glad to regularly receive your magazine again since the last September issue. I am thoroughly impressed and encouraged and benefited in all the areas of my life. Now I am tremendously experiencing a wonderful spiritual and mental growth even though I am physically very weak due to health problems. Praise the Lord! This is my most favourite magazine and I love reading it. Thank you for your efforts. May the Almighty God continue to bless you all and grant you a uniting spirit to work harder for the spiritual growth of many Christians and for God’s glory.

Pradeep Daimary, Udalguri (Assam)

Editorial: BORN WITH A MISSION - Jacob Ninan

BLESSED CHRISTMAS - P.Samuel Manoharam

Christmas and beyond - Suresh Manoharan



A Book Should Not Be Known By Its Cover - Cyril Georgeson

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