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Light of Life: January 2011

Editorial: BRIBERY - P. Abraham


A NEW YEAR MESSAGE - P. Samuel Manoharam


IN THE WORLD - Kuruvilla Chandy

Bob's Banter - BASHED WITH THE BIBLE..! - Robert Clements

Your letters

Other articles and features available in the print version:

TO LOVE GOD IS TO OBEY GOD - Rachel Jeyabalan exhorts: Ask for God's rule in every aspect of life.

A TEMPLATE FOR THE TEMPLE - Would you be in the Rapture Party?, asks Suresh Manoharan.

SUFFERING AND MINISTRY ARE INSEPARABLE - So much is being sown, but so little harvested. Why?, asks Prabhu Kiran.

JESUS NEVER PLEASED HIMSELF - Zac Poonen emphasises that Christ pleased the Father at all times.

ARISE, SHINE - Meena K. Baraiya reminds: The glory of the Lord rises upon you.

PERILOUS TIMES - A call by Francis Sunderaraj to examine if we are guilty of any perilous inclination.

TRANSFORMATION THROUGH LITERATURE - K. C. Joseph asserts the need to promote Christian literature.

NOTES ALONG THE JOURNEY - XXIV - Dr. Oby J. Cherian exhorts that God will be with us.

Poem - The Chosen Leader - D. G. Martin

Young Life - Friend Who Sticks Close-1 - Duke Jeyaraj

Word And The World

Letís Welcome 2011 - Cyril Georgeson

Readers Write - Worship

Kidsí Keys - Jayan Verghese

Your Questions - The Hidden Years Of Jesus - Chacko Thomas

Debate - Bursting Crackers On Feast Days?

Silverís Corner - Aging: A Blessed Season - M. J. Jacob

Study Your Bible - Lily Abraham

Tell Me Why? - Why Should I Be Like An Ant? - Vijay Thangiah


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