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Light of Life: February 2010

Editorial: PATIENCE - P. Abraham


EXITING THE WORLD - Kuruvilla Chandy


THE LORD'S TABLE - Shiny Jacob

WOODS: LOST IN THE WOODS? - Suresh Manoharan

Bob’s Banter - BE STILL..! - Robert Clements

Other articles and features available in the print version:

WHAT IS GOD REALLY LIKE? - Understand the nature of the God Jesus introduced, exhorts John Christopher.

FEAR NOT - A Jacob Sahayam emphasises: Fear the Lord, walk in His ways.

GIVE IT ALL - Rebekah D'Souza exhorts to give willingly for the glory of God.

BUSINESS AS MISSION - A call by Reji Koshy Daniel to emerge as salt and light in the marketplace.

DO YOU KNOW ME? - Samuel George asks: Why Christian Theology has lost credibility?

CHOOSING GOD IN THE MOMENT OF TEMPTATION - Sandeep Poonen emphasises the need to guard your faith.

REVIVING OUR FOCUS - Victory is ours, but the battle is the Lord's, exhorts Hansel Geo Thomas.

PALACE PILLARS - Esther Robinson urges women to arise and be powerful pillars.

A CASE OF A CONVERTED BILLIONS-ASPIRANT! - Geo Verghese responds to the question: Is money everything in life?

JUSTICE TRAMPLED WITH IMPUNITY - A call by J. N. Manokaran to wake up and act in the face of oppression.

JESUS RESTORES PETER - Thomas John Joseph affirms: The Great Commission is for every believer.

THE MEANING OF SACRIFICE - III - Jacob Ahmed continues to assert: God is looking for our motive, not action.

CLAIMING THE TRUTH IN A WORLD OF RELATIVISM - In genuine friendship, trust is earned and respected, asserts Mark L. Y. Chan.

NOTES ALONG THE JOURNEY - XVI - Oby Cherian reminds that God can change the watermark on our hearts.

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Poem - F.E.A.R - Lalruat Fela

Young Life - Rakhi Sawant Vs Eliazer! - Duke Jeyaraj

Silvers’ Corner - Blessed Old Age - P. Samuel Manoharam

Profile - Beacon To Bihar - Lily Abraham

Readers Write - ‘3 Days And 3 Nights’ - Donald J Godfred

Debate - Call For Entering His Service

Study Your Bible - Bible Quiz - 120 - Lily Abraham

Tell Me Why - Reincarnation - Vijay Thangiah


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