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Light of Life: August 2010

Editorial: EDUCATION - P. Abraham

EDUCATION AND US - Shantanu Dutta

THE REAL FREEDOM - Donald J. Godfred

EXALT YOUR COUNTRY - Kuruvilla Chandy


Bobís Banter - A KITE ON A WALL..! - Robert Clements

Other articles and features available in the print version:

UNDERSTANDING INDIAN MIDDLE CLASS - L. K. Mang Haokip counsels: Wrap missions' parcel in a contemporary way.

FREEDOM PROCLAMATION - J. N. Manokaran exhorts: Human beings can enjoy life within the parameters set by God.

UNDERSTAND GOD'S HEART AGAINST SIN - A call by Zac Poonen to hate sin.

ALLOW GOD TO BE YOUR GUIDE - Acharya D. P. Titus asserts: God takes care of every detail perfectly.

DEEPER INTROSPECTION ON THE CROSS - P. Samuel Manoharam asks us to learn the way of the cross to belong to Christ.

SOLACE FOR THE SOUL - How much do we actually believe in Him?, asks Rohit Sarkar.

THE COST OF DISCIPLESHIP - Society needs people who can make a difference, reminds Peter S. C. Pothan.

CHRISTIAN PARENTING - Jacob Ninan emphasises that an honest acknowledgement of frailty can restore parent-child relationship.

JESUS AS A HUMOROUS TEACHER - M. J. Jacob asserts: When we remove the planks from our eyes, we will see good qualities in others.

FIGHT AGAINST FOUR - Esther S. S. Robinson dwells on the factors to be avoided in church.

CLIMATE CHANGE AND CHRISTIAN RESPONSE - Daniel Koti asks: Can the church practise environmental stewardship?

THE ETHICS OF SUICIDE - A reminder from David W. T. Brattston to abstain not only from sin, but also from means by which others can sin.

EUTHANASIA - Cherian Koshy emphasises: "The last part of life has an importance out of all proportion to its length."

THE CASE OF THE REALITY SHOWS - Geo Vergese laments: It is the raucous, wild, rather obnoxious secrets and bitchy catfights that amuse us.

EMBRACING SUFFERING IN SERVICE - Ajith Fernando reiterates: Wherever you live, you will suffer pain, if you are committed to people.

LIVE IN AND LEAVE OUT - A society is sustained by the values set or modelled by them, reminds Ebe Sunder Raj.

NOTES ALONG THE JOURNEY - XXI - Oby Cherian reminds: In ourselves, we are nothing.

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