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Light of Life: April 2010

Editorial: SIN - P. Abraham

HE THIRSTS - Anthony David

BROKEN FOR YOU - Dulcie Suresh


PLAYING THE FOOL - Kuruvilla Chandy


Bobís Banter - GIVING UP FOR LENT..! - Robert Clements

Other articles and features available in the print version:

THE WAY OF THE CROSS - Following Jesus means we struggle against injustice, reminds P. Ramanathan.

PEOPLE WHO CARRY THE CROSS - M. G. Mathews exhorts: When you reach the shores of heaven, Jesus will embrace you.

MAKE ME A SERVANT - Mohan Adinarayan reiterates: A true servant of Christ does not need the praise of man to grow and continue.

SEE NO EVIL - Shantanu Dutta reminds: Jesus wants us to take risks.

FACEBOOK - Binu John asks: Networking sites are for connection or disconnection?

ANSWER TO PRAYERS - Shivraj K. Mahendra describes some unique responses of God to prayer.

OBEDIENCE - A call by Shiny Jacob to choose to obey God.

COMING OUT OF COMFORT ZONE - When we hit the 'end of the road,' we discover it is only a bend, exhorts Suresh Manoharan.

POSSESSED BY POSSESSIONS? - A call by M. J. Jacob to be liberated from the tyranny of possessions.

GLOBAL FRUITFULNESS - Christian life is linked with fruitfulness that have global impact, asserts J. N. Manokaran.

THE HURTING PARENT - Latha Paul exhorts: Bring up children in good Christian nurture.

SINGING THE LORD'S SONG IN STRANGE LANDS - Joel Van Dyke & Kris Rocke ask us to celebrate what we see God doing.

A CASE OF A HOMOSEXUAL! - Geo Verghese reminds to take a holistic perspective on love and life.

NOTES ALONG THE JOURNEY - XVII - Oby Cherian reminds: God chastises us because He loves us.

Your letters

A Prayer - Abigail Mary Koshy

Poem - Ministry By Night - Valeritta Liddle

Young Life - A Marriage on The Rocks? - Duke Jeyaraj

Silvers' Corner - Dynamics Of Aging Gracefully - P. Samuel Manoharam

Profile - Henry Venn, A Missionary Statesman - J. Ganesapandy

Debate - Is Adopting A Child Biblical?

Bible Quiz Answers

Bobís Banter - Giving Up for Lent..! - Robert Clements

Kidsí Keys - Jayan Verghese

Tell Me Why - Come Down Into The Valleys - Vijay Thangiah


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