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Light of Life: November 2009

Editorial: ANXIETY - P. Abraham

THREE ASPECTS OF GODíS WILL - John Christopher Samuel



STAND STILL - Esther Robinson

Bobís Banter - BLOOD STAINS IN A CHURCH..! India - Robert Clements

Other articles and features available in the print version:

DON'T QUIT - God will communicate with us when we move towards him, asserts Leonard Cutler.

OF CRIMES & SINS - II - Kuruvilla Chandy emphasises: Immoral acts that violate divine law are sins.

GOD SMILES ON US - A call by Koshy Mathew to rejoice in the Lord.

ROLE MODEL FOR LAWYERS AND LEADERS - M. P. K. Kutty reminds: It is the fate of every generation to defend democracy.

DID JESUS WEAR DESIGNER ROBES? - J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu explains: Gospel of Jesus Christ glorifies neither poverty nor prosperity.

3 DAYS AND 3 NIGHTS - A possible explanation by C. O. Jacob for the time of Christ's Crucifixion, Burial and Resurrection.

THE GOSPEL: ANTI-DOTE FOR HATE - J. N. Manokaran explains the need to proclaim the Gospel even in adverse circumstances.

A TEARFUL MOMENT - Jesus can cure the broken heart and the grieving spirit, emphasises Peter S. C. Pothan.

THE CASE OF A TYPICAL METRO-CITY TEEN - Geo Verghese reiterates: Control is elementary for nature, society and individuals.

NOTES ALONG THE JOURNEY - XIV - Oby Cherian talks about keeping pace.

Your Letters

Poem - Genesis 9:13 - Anna Maria

Word And The World - Homosexuality - Cyril Georgeson

Young Life - Dr. Y S R Reddy - Duke Jeyaraj

Profile - George Bowen - Philomina Dcruz

Book Review - Nanmayude Adayalangal

Testimony - No Regrets - Miriam Kanga

Kidsí Keys - Jayan Verghese

Debate - Satanís Attack

Study Your Bible - Bible Quiz - Lily Abraham

Tell Me Why? - Give Your Children... - Vijay Thangiah


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