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The entire contents of the Light of Life magazine in its print form is available from September 2014 in a digital version as a PDF document. This is password protected, and those who subscribe to the digital version for Rs. 200 per year (see tariff) can download it and read it offline. The document will be kept on this web site for the duration of the current month, and it will be replaced by the latest issue each month. The issue for August 2014 is kept here as a sample (the password is JCitLoaLoate). Click here for download. Subscribers will be sent the current password for the month at the beginning of each month.

The current issue (February 2018) in PDF is available here for download by subscribers.

While the PDF format is suitable for large screens, users of smartphones will find it more convenient to use the EPUB format for easy reading. We have an ad-free version of the magazine in this format (with articles hyperlinked from the contents page) from October 2017 at a subscription rate of Rs. 250 per year. A sample copy of the September 2017 magazine can be read/downloaded on/to your smartphone (Click here) in the EPUB format. You will need to have a suitable e-book reader app for this on your phone (such as Marvin for iOS and Ereader Prestigio for Android which are available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively). Different ebook readers will give different levels of performance.

Subscribers to the EPUB version will receive each month's copy by email.

You can subscribe by sending the subscription amount by electronic bank transfer to the Light of Life savings bank account No. 003601021256 (IFSC code ICIC0000036) in the Maratha Mandir Branch of ICICI Bank followed by intimating the details by email to or (The susbscription may also be sent by regular money transfers. However it is important to send your email address).

The material is owned by Light of Life, and subscribers do not have the right to copy any part of the material for use elsewhere without specific permission from Light of Life.

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