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June 2014 issue of LOL has precious, trustworthy and meaningful articles. Jacob Ninan in his Editorial rightly states, “For those who are convicted in their heart about their sins and see the Saviour holding out free forgiveness, it becomes immediately clear what they need to believe and do...”

The personal experiences of M.J. Jacob in his article Adversity and Prosperity are inspiring and encouraging.

I liked Suresh Manoharan’s article Free… wherein he cites his personal testimony with reference to Matthew 10:8 which is the number (108) allotted by the Andhra government for emergency calls to the ambulance service that caters to the critical needs of the citizens.

Samuel Manoharam in his article The Kingdom of God rightly says that God will never force His rule on us, but He waits for us to give Him the freedom to demonstrate through us His love and holiness.

The writers have enlightened the readers with godly wisdom, especially appropriate for the present younger generation. I thank the writers and pray that God would continue to use them, as we await the second advent of our Lord Jesus.

P. D. Arthur Prasad, Mysore.

  God Bless You
Please continue to send the monthly magazine. May God bless you for the noble work you are doing for the growth of Christianity and spreading the name of our Lord Jesus. Every knee will bow before Him. Praise the Lord. Thank you. Jiand G. Satdev, Mumbai.

  The Resurrection
In the April 2014 issue of LOL Mr. K. V. Varghese Ampat writes, “Salvation from sin must include victory over death” (article titled He Is Risen). It is not the physical death that probably he (and the Scripture) means. It is eternal death. Death happens to both believers and unbelievers.

In the 5th paragraph he says that resurrection is the most important link in the events leading to salvation. This is debatable, because he has not given any Bible reference to support his statement. Both death and resurrection are equally important and I have not seen any Bible verse which indicates that resurrection is the most important link. Without the cross there is no resurrection and hope for the remission of our sins or forgiveness. Both, I believe, are equally important. That is why many Christians celebrate Good Friday and Easter. He seems to have focused on the one, leaving the other out as less important. I would like to be corrected, if I am wrong. Scholars may clarify. Thank you.

Dr. K. A. Nambudripad, Channai.

  Worth Reading Again
We have to thank Bro. Vivek Salins for the timely message, Christianity Under Attack (LOL June 2014). He has brought to our notice what is happening in Christendom in the UK, the US and India. Satan has blinded the eyes of the people to the realities of our faith. There is an urge in the message for the readers to pray fervently for the Lord’s intervention and protection. The message also gives encouragement to the Christians who are suffering for their faith. Bro. Salins closes the message with an apt Bible quotation. This is a message which must be read and re-read by the readers. May God grant us a burden to pray vehemently for a change in the alarming situation. Let us pray that God would open the eyes of the worldly people to see Christ, the King of glory.

M. J. Jacob, Tiruchirapalli.

  A Blessing To Me
Warm greetings to you all! Thank you so much for sending me LOL. I appreciate your hard work. There were times that I did not get my copy, but when I phoned you, you promptly sent the copies. Thank you all for your sincere work.

I used to read LOL from others. I really enjoy it and I felt bad that I did not read my own copy. So I subscribed from January 2013 and have been blessed by it. I encourage others to read it too. I pray that LOL will continue to be a blessing to me as well as many more people. Keep up the good work! May God bless LOL.

Annie Haokip, Thane (W).

Thank you so much for the efforts to produce such a magazine which is so encouraging to read and helps us to draw near to our Saviour. Blessings.

Dr. Emmanuel Inbaraj, Bihar.

  Spiritual Food
I have been receiving LOL magazines and I enjoy reading them. I have learnt many good things and received spiritual food from them. I have distributed some of the magazines in my church and among my friends. I want to thank the LOL team and authors who are taking so much trouble to write such beautiful articles. May God Almighty bless you all and inspire you through the Holy Spirit to write many more encouraging, inspiring articles.

Rosana Samuel Bhalekar, Mumbai.

  Hearty Thanks!
I have been really enjoying reading the LOL magazine for many years. Some articles are very helpful and encouraging to me and my fellow-believers. I have learnt valuable lessons from the regular columns, viz., Bible Study, Testimony, News, Parenting, Leadership, Editorial and the other articles. My hearty thanks to those who stretch their mind and hand to write articles for the spiritual development of the believers. I pray that the Lord will bless each one of them.

Sukson Daimari, Kathalguri, Assam.

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