November 2014
Your Letters

  Highly Appreciated
Your commitment in the field of publication is highly appreciated. I do pray for the ministry you do. Thank you for sending your publication regularly.

Dr. Bouvert Regulas, Chennai.

  Inspiring And Challenging
My sincere thanks to Mr. Jacob Ninan for his most inspiring and challenging editorial The Remnant (Sep. 2014).

Yes, when we live in this world full of temptations, we must sincerely and prayerfully accept the challenges that Satan puts before us and overcome those to find ourselves among the remnant of God’s people so that as per His promise, He will grant us to sit down with Him on His throne.

Since quite some time, I was eagerly waiting for such an article as Mr. Zac Poonen's, and lo! here it is – The Dowry System In India. I am really thankful to him. Thank God, among our kin, dowry finds no place in marriages. I know one Christian who was extremely humiliated when he went a step forward to ask a fellow-Christian if his son expected a dowry. The father threatened the gentleman with breaking the marriage. However, nothing worse had happened.

Again, one of my best friends, a non-believer, married with practically no dowry since his mother told the groom's parents that they did not follow the dowry custom. This is an illustrious action for the Christians of our country to emulate.

God bless both the authors.

Chandan Lal Tewary, Balasore, Odisha.

  Church Growth
I am deeply impressed and wish to appreciate the article, Church Growth, by Rev. Dipankar Nath (Sep.2014). The writer has highlighted the importance of church leaders and pastors. A ‘weak’ pastor will destroy the body of Jesus Christ. Unless the pastor is rooted in God’s word and teaches his flock by rightly dividing the word, the flock will not grow. If the church leaders are spiritually lukewarm, have personal interests and lack agape love, they will lose the opportunity and the privilege of being used by God.

P. D. Arthur Prasad, Mysore, Karnataka.

  Blessed Magazine
I thank you for your blessed magazine. I am blessed by it and pray for all the persons who have contributed as well as the silent workers.

Ms. Nirmala Butt, Hyderabad, Telangana.

  The Password
This refers to the editorial The Password (Jul.2014), which highlights the attitude of people, especially believers, towards lie and sin and the ‘tolerance’ towards them; there is the warning of a future when it is ‘ok’ to falsehood and sin becomes a personal choice. The concluding three paragraphs of the editorial are a challenge to God’s children. I praise God for all the grace given to the Editor to pen it. With prayers.

Prakash John T., Mumbai, Mah.

May God’s blessings be on your magazine always. Almost all the articles are too good spiritually and so don’t know which ones to comment on. I was very happy to see Zac Poonen’s article after a long time.

Can’t imagine a lady being so active and brave in God’s ministry. Sis. Glory Henry Pillai’s life and work for the Lord is great and no words to describe it. May the good Lord bless her work and help many to know the Saviour.

Almost all the authors are elderly and so for old people like me it is very encouraging. The magazine is true to its name Light of Life. May God bless all who participate in the articles.

Prakash John T., Mumbai, Mah.

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