May 2014
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I praise God for the ministry of Light of Life magazine; indeed the contents of diverse topics for the growth in Christian life are quite edifying. Every month I pass on the magazine to my friends.

May the Lord bless all brothers and sisters working for the LOL, and also Bro. Jacob Ninan and all those who regularly contribute articles.

Ernest Simon, Madurai, Tamilnadu.

I am really happy to read your magazine Light of Life and enjoying reading the articles. They are useful and helpful for the ministry. I always welcome Light of Life magazine. May God bless your ministry and everyone involved.

K. H. Panmei, Tamenglong, Manipur.

  A Gift From God
Light of Life is really a gift from God. I could not resist from introducing this magazine to all my friends. May God continue to bless this ministry in future also.

A Chenchu Naidu, Srikakulam, M.P.

  Kudos To LOL
Thank you for having published Heavenlin Theodore’s short but substantial piece of writing (LOL March 2014). The title of the article, The First Gift To Jesus sounds quite novel. Every Christian should ponder over her challenging question, “What did you give your Saviour on His birthday…” Mary’s implicit obedience stands apart in comparison to Zechariah’s doubt (Lk.1:18), Sarah’s cynicism (Gen.18:9-15) and Manoah’s demand for confirmation (Judg.13:3-25). I fully agree with Heavenlin when she says “God prepares people to accept and protect His own people.” There are countless testimonies to prove this truth. No matter the situation, let us, like Mary, say to God, “Let it be to me according to Your word.” May God strengthen us to develop such a blessed attitude.

The subtitle of Vandana U. G.’s article, Spirit, Soul And Body (LOL Feb.2014), focuses on the premise and preamble of Christianity – a soul that is lost needs to be restored. The restoration is brought about solely by the grace of God through the work of His Spirit (Eph.2:5,8). When a person is born again, his ‘dead spirit’ resurrects (1Cor.6:17; 2Cor.5:17) – resurrects or quickens? Do both mean the same thing? The article is rich in pithy and poignant words. I appreciate words and phrases like ‘salvation of the soul’, ‘resurrects’, ‘dictates of (one’s) soul’, ‘signals from the indwelling Spirit of God’, etc. Kudos to LOL for publishing articles that enrich our wisdom in Christ! Let’s grow in that wisdom!

Dr. P. Selvaraj, Coimbatore, TN.

  A Blessing
Thank you very much for your hard work in bringing out this magazine. LOL has been a blessing for me. I also praise God for the people who contribute valuable articles every issue. May God bless LOL team.

Annie Haokip, Thane (W), Maharashtra.

  Touched And Blessed
I thank God for the opportunity to get LOL in my life. It has touched and blessed me through its teachings and inspirational messages which encourage me to go on with the struggles in life. I pray that the Lord will bless each and every one involved in the LOL magazine ministry. May you continue to be a blessing to others and always shining for the glory of the Lord.

Portia Syiemiong, Shillong.

  Appropriate And Precious
I thank the writers of the following articles (LOL March 2014), appropriate and precious for the Lenten meditations: 1) Mystery of Christ’s Shed Blood by Samuel Manoharam, 2) The First Gift to Jesus by Heavenlin Theodore, 3) The Message of the Cross by Rev. Sindhu Pani, and 4) Centenary Birthday (Silver Corner) by Rhoda Grace Andrew.

While reading Centenary Birthday I remembered my mother. As wife of the Lord’s servant, my father, she went through a lot of humiliation, especially after my father’s death when we were very young. The grace of God enabled her to face the numerous problems of this world faithfully, and she was cheerful till her last breath (she was 100 years and eight months old when she died), although her heart’s desire to meet Jesus at His second coming during her lifetime was not fulfilled.

P. D. Arthur Prasad, Mysore.

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