March 2014
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  Spiritual Life
I am a regular reader of Light of Life magazine which boosts our daily spiritual life. It helps us in many ways to witness Christ in our life. I refer particularly to the news clip (LOL January 2014) on the Church of North India. It is very painful to see our Christian leaders not being able to portray a Christian image and follow the law of the land. I feel experts in this field should address this problem and guide the Christian community aright. I hope you will take up this matter on priority.

Mark Pawar, Pune.

  Youthful And Awesome
I firstly like to congratulate the Editor for improving the quality of the magazine for over a period of last one year. LOL now looks youthful and awesome. I congratulate the recent writers, especially Vivek Salins for God Is Good, Sandeep Poonen for God’s Love And Holiness, and Vijaya Bhasker for Medinat Yisrael and I, Joseph. I call them youthful and innovative writers. The articles are thought-provoking and inspiring. Kindly continue your good work. God bless.

Richard P., Evangelist, Chennai.

  Soul-nourishing Articles
The January 2014 issue of Light of Life magazine has come up very well. There are a lot of soul-nourishing articles. I appreciate the article God Is Good by Vivek Salins on the theme of salvation. I am also happy to read Manna And The Loaves by my long-term friend V. M. Abraham. I can sense the Lord’s presence with you all in LOL as you labour for the strengthening and awakening of many souls. Thank you.

M. J. Jacob, Tiruchirapalli.

  “Inspirational Thanks”
Referring to the Editorial by Jacob Ninan (LOL January 2014), I realise the truth of the words of our Lord Jesus, “I am with you always…” Convey my inspirational thanks to the team of LOL for their divine service.

Lord, Jharkhand, Bihar.

I have read the article, “Eunuchs: Who Cares Anyway?” by S. Samraj. Eunuchs not only harass people at traffic signals, but also on trains. They ‘bless’ passengers, pretending to be gods, and some people readily part with money in lieu of the ‘blessings.’ However, it becomes awkward for those who refuse to pay when the eunuchs abuse and harass them. Why can’t they be accepted as mainstream workers? The government needs to frame laws and help them.

Jubel D’Cruz, Mumbai.

  Spiritual Growth
Thank you for making it possible for receiving the encouraging word of God for my family’s spiritual growth.

Mrs. Harsha Tahiliani, Pune.

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