January 2014


Oby J. Cherian

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee; because he trusteth in Thee (Isaiah 26:3)

Ramesh (name changed) came to me many months ago with severe abdominal pain and fever. His scan was alarming enough, with stones and obstruction in both kidneys; but when his blood tests came in I knew I had a real tiger on my hands. Ramesh was in extreme renal failure.

I called his relatives aside and told them in no uncertain terms the seriousness of the problem. I told them that it would be better to take him to a bigger hospital where more facilities are available. Their answer surprised me.

They said, “Doctor, we trust you and we are not taking him anywhere, please do whatever you can.”

So we went to work on him and drained his kidneys. A couple of days later, we took out stones from one side and still a few days later stones from the other side. Then things started to get nasty. He developed a spiking fever and one kidney seemed to be still blocked.

I spoke to the relatives saying, “Things look bad, but he is stable now, you could shift to a higher center or else it may be too late to save his life.” Their reply was again most unexpected. “We trust you, doctor; do whatever you can, even if something were to happen, we would rather he be under your care.”

So I proceeded with his fourth endoscopic surgery. I now had the tiger by the tail. I went all out for him, put him on the best drugs, and did whatever I could. There are very few patients for whom I have prayed as fervently as I prayed for Ramesh. At times I thought he might not make it; at other times I wondered why I ever took him on, but through it all what kept me going was the trust they had in me. After his sixth procedure, he settled down and about a month after I first saw him he walked out of the hospital with normal renal function! Praise God!

This reminds me of another story of trust. It’s the storyabout two buddies who went to war together; let’s just call them Tom and Fred. They were in the same company and fought in the same area not far from each other. One day the enemy was getting the better of them and they were ordered to retreat. After they regrouped, Tom found that Fred was missing.

“I’m going back,” said Tom. “You must be crazy to go back in there,” cried his colleagues who tried to stop him. Tom went nevertheless. He crawled through the smoke and the mud with the smell of cordite heavy in his nostrils. As enemy bullets whizzed past him, he finally reached the trench they had vacated only a short time ago. He dropped into it, ducked low and scurried along to where his friend had been. Fred was almost gone when Tom found him. He cradled his friend in his arms and when he heard the soldier’s last words, Tom knew it was all worth it. Between laboured breaths Fred whispered to him, “Tom, I knew you would come.”

If mere humans can be provoked to such heroic action by the trust reposed in them, how much more God would do for us who trust Him!

If a doctor can throw in all his effort because of his patient’s trust in him, how much more God will do! Even if a temporary circumstance tells us otherwise, when we trust, He goes all out for us, but when we don’t, we limit His strong arm in our favour. Faith is not a ‘pound of flesh’ that God demands of us; we need it more for our sake than for His.

“Without faith it’s impossible to please God” (Heb.11:6). God is thrilled to bits when we put our trust in Him. He might tell the angels around, “See my child, and look how she trusts in me.”

It’s as though He cannot do things for us unless we trust Him. Even if everything looks bleak and hopeless, keep on trusting – He will do the rest.

“And He did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith’ (Matt.13:58).


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