August 2014
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  A Blessing!
Every month we, husband and wife, long to get the magazine. Each page we go through is a blessing and we share in the joy of reading it. We can say that it is definitely inspired by the Holy Spirit, because everyone who writes is a devoted person and guided by the Almighty God and His wisdom.

Rev. B. R. K. Lall, Assam.

  Growing In Christ
Thank you very much for sending me a copy of Light of Life every month which enables me to grow in Christ.

The article, Should I Spank My Child? by Amee Jeremy Agnes is inspirational and gives exemplary suggestions to parents in bringing up their children in the fear of God and in Christian discipline which will produce a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. I not only appreciate the author of the article, but also the Editor in bringing up such educative and encouraging articles. P. Shamgar, Visakhapatnam, A.P.

  Wonderful Articles
Thank you for sending the LOL magazine regularly. Nowadays it comes quite early. All the articles are very good and they help and encourage us. I am yet to finish reading the June articles, so I give my feedback on the May 2014 issue, particularly the ladies’ articles – Mrs. Lily Abraham and Ms. Vandana U.G. May God bless your ministry and all those who write such wonderful articles. Mr. Jacob Ninan’s articles are wonderful. Only God helps him to write.

Mrs. Elizabeth Arthur, Nilgiris, TN.

  Very Informative
I received a sample copy of Light of Life magazine. Thank you. It is a very informative magazine and I think every Muslim and every non-Christian should get it and read it to overcome the misconceptions they have about Christianity. All articles are based on the Bible and the world’s largest religion. Once again thanks to the team of Light of Life.

Mysar Nabi, Anantang, J&K.

The June 2014 issue of the magazine was a long time coming. When it arrived finally, I grabbed it, read the whole edition in one go, and I can’t help writing a few lines about it. The editorial was powerful. Cyril Georgeson’s write-up – a fitting reply to Derek O’Brien’s profession of “private belief” – was a remarkable reminder to every Christian that if our faith is true, it will be found on our sleeves.

Bernard Thangasamy, Nellore, AP.

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