April 2014
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  Thank you
As a humble old believer in the saving grace of our Lord Jesus, I congratulate the two young writers in the February 2014 issue of LOL, Sis. Vandana U.G. and Bro. Sandeep Poonen, for their articles, Spirit, Soul and Body and The Purpose of the Holy Spirit, respectively. They have beautifully illustrated the biblical doctrines concerning man and the Holy Spirit. I thank both of them and the Light of Life> magazine.

P. D. Arthur Prasad, Mysore.

The February 2014 issue of LOL is fantastic, especially Mrs. Lilly Abraham’s article, Grace – Is It A Licence To Sin? is excellent. She has boldly brought out the biblical truth that even though we are saved, salvation never gives us privilege over others to sin and escape the wrath of God. It is the universal law of God that “one reaps what he sows” and “the wages of sin is death.” Since God is a God of justice, we the believers should be more careful to ensure that our actions are right in the sight of God. May God give us the strength and grace to resist the devil. Thanks to the Editors and Mrs. Lilly Abraham again.

S. Vijaya Bhasker, Mumbai.

  Wonderful Magazine
It is my great pleasure and privilege to write to you that Light of Life is a wonderful magazine. As a pastor and Bible lecturer at Kakinada (A.P.), I am sure your magazine will be very helpful in my ministry. Please send me the magazine regularly. Thank you.

Rev. K. Mohan Rao, Kakinada (A.P.).

  Very Useful
Thank you for sending the magazine regularly. It is very useful and helps us in our life. The two testimonies (Jan. & Feb. 2014) are really great – how God can change people! Hope many will come to the fold and know the real Saviour. I missed Dr. Zac Poonen’s article in February and Dr. Oby Cherian’s in November 2013. May God bless your ministry for His glory.

Mrs. Elizabeth Arthur, Nilgiris.

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