September 2013


Judith Joshua

We can swim past the giant waves of doubts, sickness and losses that threaten us.

As I stood by the shores of the Arabian Sea, in the awe of a golden sunset shying away into the horizon, I noticed a tiny baby turtle with frail, paddle like flippers struggling through the rocks and of a muddy shore on his journey towards 'home.' The journey from his nest to the sea seemed like a distant dream with flocks of seagulls waiting voraciously to prey on him.

The huge dark ocean wasn't welcoming either, with its thundering waves smashing the sea shells ruthlessly. I only hope the liíl turtleís happy family is waiting for him beyond the noisy shore and not let him float away through the endless tide.

Home is still home, isnít it? No matter what it takes, there is no place like home whether it is a choppy sea or sandy Kalahari Desert.

As we live this miracle of life, we focus and swim towards the various goals of our life. For this tiny turtle, it was getting home in a deep blue sea.

His frail flippers were no match for the giant roaring sea.But he didnít give up, taking a leap of faith he marched towards the mighty sea only to be washed away to the shore again. But he kept trying and with a little push from the sea guard, the liíl turtle finally got past the choppy shore and swam into the quietness of sea.

Most of us look at the choppy, muddy, fierce waves along the shore and never dare to swim past them. With a leap of faith and trusting heart, holding onto the hands of our Heavenly Father, we need to swim past those giant waves of doubts, sickness and losses that seem threatening to swallow us, and march towards home. To your surprise, when you look back, you will see the choppy waves far behind and the calm ocean of life ahead of you. Dive deep and see the miracle of life underneath the sea and the love of God which is stronger than the raging sea.

For me, personally that would be the day I come face to face with my Saviour. Where, at Heaven's gate I drop all the burdens of my life, even the joys of my heart, and hug Him and tell Him about how long I've waited to see Him. As we chat, I tell Him about my life on earth and what a joyous ride it was. He, the author of my life, Jesus is His name, would listen to all my stories as if He never knew them before.

Pleased as He looks at me as I share the first edition of my story. I tell him about my loving family, a wonderful soul mate and He nods His head like He was happy with the team He selected for me. I touch His hand as like it was a distant dream, and to my greatest surprise it was the tender hand that had held me through the dark valleys of death.ďSee how great a love the Father has bestowed upon us, that we should be called children of GodĒ (1Jn.3:1). Let His love find a way into your heart!

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