July 2013
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  Self-pity Smothers Faith
Kudos to LOL and to Deepika Emmanuel Sagar for the article TRIALS – WHY ME? (April 2013). Job did not blame God for anything. That ‘anything’ included suffering after suffering. How many of us, Christians, are like Job? Don’t we allow our faith to go through a downturn when even a little suffering affects us? How often we forget that the purpose of the Lord will be established in the different phases or stages of our life! Does even a ‘seemingly’ adverse thing happen in our lives without God’s will? Suffering trains us. Suffering makes us introspect. I’m glad Deepika uses the expression ‘mystery of suffering’. Suffering is indeed a mystery. The word of God reveals this mystery. While we suffer, we should be firm in our faith. While this advice might look foolish or incomprehensible to the world, the Bible encourages us to trust God in any and every kind of situation we go through. Let’s seek God’s wisdom, particularly when we undergo suffering. May God bless Deepika! May she continue to write for LOL. Glory to God!

Dr. P. Selvaraj, Coimbatore (T.N.)

  Biblical Truths
My deep appreciation for Bro. P. Samuel Manoharam, Bro. John Jebaseelan and Dr. Mrs. Vimal R. Ram for their articles, “Born Again”, “Be Diligent” and “Blessings in Disguise”, respectively (LOL May 2013). May God bless these writers in every way and use them further for His glory.

P. D. Arthur Prasad, Mysore (Karnataka)

  ‘How Far On This Bus?’
Refer LOL May 2013 pp.37-44. I firmly stand by my opinion which is entirely based on the Scripture. Being followers of Christ, and living by the teachings of the Scripture, the believers will first submit to Him and the Bible.

The ‘child abuse’ was not a subject of discussion in the original article; and hence was not touched by me. The discussion should be only on the subjects of the original article. Anyhow, it is to be asserted that those who subject babies and children to such heinous crimes cannot be considered as human beings, but as beasts and brutes. They deserve the most severe punishment.

I have remained within the framework of the Bible. Also, I am sure that my criticism is constructive. In all certainty, a million believer supporters to any cause, minus God, will ultimately be a giant ‘cypher.’

Donald J. Godfred, Secunderabad (A.P.)

I have been much benefitted by the articles written in the LOL magazine for my spiritual growth. With much prayers.

S. Dorcas Isabella, Chennai (T.N.)

  Thank you!
Thank you so much for continuing to send me the magazine which I look forward to every month and enjoy so much. May the Lord bless the magazine and all that you are doing for Him more and more.

Nirmala Roosvelt, Chennai (TN)

It is such a joy to see the Light of Life magazine being published regularly. You manage to get Bible-based and contemporary articles which are suitable for all age-groups and maintain promptness. We as a family do pray for you all at the editorial and production teams.

Dr. M. Anthony David, Hyderabad (A.P.)

  Great Articles!
Thank you for bringing such great articles to us. The article, ‘Following Methods, Missing God’, (LOL June 2013) brought the right message needed for the hour.

Deepika Emmanuel Sagar, Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

  Capital Punishment
Mr. Shantanu Dutta's article "A Matter of Life and Death" (LOL June 2013) is a brilliant piece of work. I was not sure what I should think about capital punishment, but the author has cleared my doubts. Christians cannot escape from their social commitments, but should be ready to stand up and be counted. My compliments.

Bernard Thangasamy, Nellore (AP)

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