January 2013
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  Helped Me To Grow Spiritually
Your magazine has really helped me a lot to grow spiritually and I have understood Christianity in a good way. Thanks for the good work which you have been doing all these years. My prayers are always with you all.

S. Srinath, Chennai

  Very Encouraging
My parish priest presented me a copy of the October month Light of Life magazine and I was very happy with the magazine. I would like to subscribe to the same; please send the magazine.

Gijo Daniel, Kerala

  Views On ‘Spiritual Warfare’
‘Spiritual Warfare’ series by Jacob Ninan is worth reading. In Part- 4 (Nov '12), facts easily misunderstood but rarely discussed, like “we don't inherit the Holy Spirit or evil spirits from our ancestors“ and “ancestors' sins won't pass on to us, nor will their sins be forgiven of them if the present generation confess the same,” are discussed.

Towards the end of the article the author claims that the blessing of Abraham has been passed on to us, which cannot be agreed to. Blessings to Abraham were 'personal', and 'unconditional' if only he left his father's house and country to the land which YHWH showed (Gen.12:1). Can we claim Abraham's manifold blessings which were: making him a great nation (Gen.12:2, 17:4); giving land which he saw (between river Nile and river Euphrates) as possession to him and his descendants for ever ; making descendants as dust of the earth, stars of heaven and sand on the seashore in him all the families of eath shall be blessed; all nations of the earth shall be blessed on his seed ? Simply 'No'.

Further, he writes that the curses of Deuteronomy 28 are not applicable to us. Doesn't the same rule apply to the blessings? Another reason why the OT blessings will not pass on to us is, while the OT blessings are primarily 'material' in nature, the New Covenant promises us "every spiritual blessing in Christ"(Eph. 1:3).

Donald J. Godfred, Secunderabad

  Quote Bible References
I received the November magazine on 12.11.2012. In many articles Bible references are not quoted. If you insist the writers to quote, it will be helpful for us. This is only my humble suggestion, please.

K. Joshua

  Happy With LOL Standard
I am very happy on seeing the articles in LOL with updating of Christian faith and hope, and the fast development of the standard of LOL. I share my copy of the magazine with friends to read and finally to the reading room of our Church. Congrats. Prof. B. P. Pereira, Madurai

  Keep The Light Burning
Your editorial "Servant leader" (Nov) has explained how our Lord Jesus has revolutionised the world's concept of leadership saying, "Whosoever would be first among you shall be your servant; even as the Son of Man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister". The CMC, Vellore has adopted these words "Not to be served but to serve" as their motto. And it is to be our light of life. Every month 'Light of Life' comes to remind us and to keep the light burning.

Jacob Sahayam, Kerala

  Spiritual Lesson
I have been reading the LOL magazine of November 2012. When I opened the magazine I happened to read the article MAN'S WAY AND GOD'S WAY by Zac Poonen. The article gives us such a spiritual lesson which we often do not go for that deep. How important it is to obey the Lord before serving Him and worshipping Him. God is not pleased with our worship if it does not tune with our spiritual life (1Sam.15:22).

We learn from Uzzah that many times we try to help God instead of following Him. Some times we try to become better and wiser than God as if God is making a mistake and not knowing what is happening, like king Saul in I Sam.13. It is a big lesson for spiritual leaders that we obey God in the first place than do His service. We should not be moved by the human ideas in the ministry but by the word of God.

Jacob Ahmed, Assam

  Enjoying Reading LOL
I enjoy reading Light of Life. Thank God for your wonderful work.

Santhosh Joseph, Mumbai

  Ray Of Hope
I am a regular subscriber of Light of Life. Your magazine is a ray of hope to many around the world. It is always in my prayers.

Judith E. Samraj, Mumbai.

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