February 2013
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  Keep Up The Zeal
Thanks a lot for sending regularly Light of Life. I read it and enjoy it. May you keep up the zeal and zest. Love to the members of the editorial staff.

Mrs. Pushpa N. Lyall, Dehradun

  Source Of Blessing
Light of Life magazine continues to be a source of blessing to me. Zac Poonen is my spiritual leader and I am happy that his messages are being published in LOL. Jacob Ninan is also personally known to me.

Ruchindra Perera, Sri Lanka

  Heart-felt Cheers
I convey my heartfelt cheers to Bro. K. V. Varghese Ampat for his article, “The Good News Of Christmas, December 2012 - a meaningful, thought-provoking Christmas message. I reciprocate his Christmas wishes to the readers.

P. D. Arthur Prasad, Mysore

  Grounded On Biblical Truths
I appreciate and like the writings of Light of Life and they are profoundly grounded on Biblical truths. Thank you.

Dr. Samip Baruah

  Encourages Christian Growth
Greetings from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Our magazine Light of Life really encourages/helps me for my spiritual growth. I am very much thankful to the management. P. Prakasham, Hyderabad.

  Thanks For Free Matrimonial Column
I am your magazine's life subscriber. Thank you so much for introducing free matrimonial service for your readers and subscribers.

Anita Joseph, Vellore

  Spiritual Satisfaction
I have come across a number of issues of Light of Life and it is my pleasure to admit that each issue has filled my heart with utmost spiritual satisfaction and delight.

Chandan Lal Tewary, Odissa

  Real Tool For Christian Growth
This wonderful magazine is really a tool for Christian growth. I am happy to pray to Jesus for your precious work to help us to learn more about Christianity.

Dr. Anil Shinde, Kolhapur

  Fine Magazine
Praise the Lord. Recently I went through your magazine. It is really fine. I want to subscribe.

P. Parthiban, Tamil Nadu

  Reply To Donald Godfred
Donald Godfred in his letter in the January issue of LOL refutes my statement that the blessing of Abraham has been passed on to us. What I said is based on Gal.3:13,14 (Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law, having become a curse for us--for it is written, "Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree"--in order that in Christ Jesus the blessing of Abraham might come to the Gentiles, so that we would receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.) This blessing is obviously not referring to inheriting the land. Many people think this refers to Abraham being blessed and becoming a blessing to all the families of the earth which also pertains to us.

Jacob Ninan

  Edifying Articles
Here's my feedback on Cyril Georgeson's "A High Risk! The Error close To Truth" in the November 2012 number of Light of Light magazine. Every believer should read this very important "WORD AND THE WORLD" feature. Quoting partly from Campbell Morgan, I'm inclined to ask, "Are our churches wholly and absolutely at the disposal of the (Holy) Spirit?” Let me thank Cyril Georgeson for the steps he has suggested after pointing ouy the growing impurity of the church. Although all the six steps are quite important, I want to underscore "4. Test the spirits". There are tall claims, even false claims with regard to "leading by the Spirit". There are funny and awkward claims too! Every spirit should be tested with the word of God.

Pum Za Thang Tombing's "Witnessing in Metropolitan Cities" in the December 2012 of Light of Life is very important in the realm of missionary evangelism. I appreciate the author for having written an exhaustive feature. To quote from Dawson, "Jesus goes where the people are". It's an irony that churches are busy gathering crowds at a particular venue.

Dr. P. Selvaraj, Coimbatore

  A Great Blessing
That your magazine is a great blessing to me does not need emphasis. My prayer has been that you through this periodical continue to serve the Lord and be a blessing for others for days to come.

R. L. Darkim, New Delhi


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