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Light of Life: November 2012

Editorial: SERVANT LEADER - Vivek Salins



DEAL WITH TEMPTATION! - Azariah Jerry Manuel

ANDY, LAZARUS AND TIM - M. Anthony David


A High Risk! The Error Close To Truth - Cyril Georgeson


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November 2012
Your Letters

  Touches The Heart
I wish to sincerely congratulate brother Jacob Ninan for his new assignment as editor in place of brother P. Abraham, for the glory of God.

As one of the believers of Jesus Christ, I humbly wish to salute brothers Samuel Manoharam, Ashok Kumar Ram Rana and Dominic Marbaniang for their articles, “Getting Older And Getting Holier”, “Religion Will Not Take Us To God” and “Dealing With Rejection” in your September issue respectively.

They have presented a real trustworthy and meaningful Christian-oriented articles which touches the hearts of both young and old believers and as well as others and enables to inspect each one of us as to where we are today.

The articles also helps the readers to grow stronger ion faith with courage and conviction to prepare each one to face our Lord on His second coming with a cheerful heart. I thank you for publishing such articles and the authors for sharing their personal experiences for the glory of God.

P. D. Arthur Prasad, Mysore

  A Magazine For Every Christian
Since the last few years I am a regular reader of LOL which was gifted to me by my uncle, and I should say it’s a magazine that I look forward to every month. The editorials and articles published are really enlightening and thought-provoking. The magazine has been of great strength to me when I was ill during 2009-10. The testimonies encourages, gives solace and boosts up your confidence and trust in our Lord during difficult times.

Nowadays we are surrounded with so much sin and corruption, that parents should encourage teenage children to read such spiritual magazines, so that their faith in the Lord is solid and strong and that they could also preach this good news to their friends or at their workplace.

I would also like to thank ex-editor, Mr. P. Abraham for his wonderful editorials. May he continue to give his valuable contributions to LOL in the comings years. May God bless him and his family. I also pray for all those hands that to into the making and publishing of the LOL magazine.

Mrs. Biny Samuel, Mumbai

  Reoriented & Thought Provoking
I thank you so much for considering my request and sending me your lovely and thought provoking magazine LOL in a regular basis.

This magazine literally brings joy and encouragement to my heart. The editorial note on "Arguments" really does not provide any room for further arguments. Somewhere I read a quotation that says "Discussion is better than argument because argument is to find out WHO is right! Discussion is to find out WHAT is right." However, discussion on "Leadership" from the writings of P.M. Joseph, Manokaran J. N., Zac Poonen and P. Ramanathan in September issue truly tell us what is right and what we ought to do in this last age for the glory of God. The teachings given by Esther Robinson and Jenish O. Thomas are nothing but basic truth though it is hard for many to accept them as a warning bell and a clarion call for self reevaluation. I greatly appreciate this magazine that has really helped me and is helping me grow in the things of God and also in building my faith. I read every line of this magazine and then I share it with 12 - 15 people in a Bible study in our house churches. Then we talk about the articles and bring out the implications for our spiritual growth. This is how I try to bring Jesus to others.

The editorial article of P. Abraham on "Sanitation" is really an eye-opening article to be read from a Biblical perspective. The Indian church should not forget to preach and teach on issues such as this. Though it seems to be an uncomfortable issue to be spoken out, but it is an important issue to be addressed. By doing this, we can put a stop to many diseases in our societies/communities.

Lalit Kumar Bardhan, Vizag

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