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Light of Life: March 2012

Editorial: POPULATION - P. Abraham



ABIDE IN ME - K. V. Varghese


Bob's Banter - THE WHITE CASSOCK..! - Robert Clements

Jesus Asks... "IS THAT YOUR OWN IDEA, OR DID OTHERS TALK TO YOU ABOUT ME?" (JN. 18:34) - Vijay Thangiah

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March 2012
Your Letters

The Editorial on Idolatry in January 2012 issue of LOL made for an edifying read. It would speak to the hearts of many a Christian. May the good Lord continue to bless you and use your ministry to bless many.

Suresh Manoharan, Hyderabad

May many more believers get this useful magazine to read because these subjects are not often taught or preached in church.

Dr. K. A. Nambudripad, Chennai

I was deeply touched while reading JN Manokaran's tribute "Beyond Boundaries" (LOL Dec. '11) to his daughter Hosanna. I know how he and his wife feel. I have gone through the same when my daughter (12yrs) died a few years back, due to an unknown virus within 2 days of falling sick. She was also totally committed to our Lord, Jesus Christ. One question, which comes to our mind then is, "Why God?," for which answer is difficult to find. Well known Christians such as C. S. Lewis tried to find answers, experienced such loss.

In my experience, I have found that friends/coworkers rise up to strengthen in times like that. Help and support come many times from least expected sources. Faith is thus strengthened and holds. For the final answer, we have to wait. In the meantime, we, who are in the fellowship of those who know the most intense of personal bereavement hold each other by prayer. The victory is ours. Thank God! He makes it ours by our Lord Jesus Christ"

Cdr. S. Wilson, Chennai

  Enlightening Magazine
How should I express my gratitude to you for publishing such a spirit stimulating, optimistic, genuine, spiritually oriented and enlightening magazine. You choose the best articles which are written by the servants of God, who labour and study much on God's Word, contemplate and then pen down the heart-touching article. Your editorial is the backbone of the magazine.

The cover page of Dec. 2011 issue is very impressive, the picture in which a rich person is seen sitting with his valuable belongings. The verse suits the picture "Fool! this night your soul will be required of you." This verse and the scene are eye-opening. Those who do not fear God and are proud of their money should learn the lesson that the God does not care for proud eyes and boastful sayings.

Shantanu Dutta, Zac Poonen, JN Manokaran are gifted with wonderful insight to express God's Words effectively. Other articles of the issue are also penned with the guidance of God's Spirit. O Little Bethlehem is a very nice title as well as the article itself. The whole issue is very grand.

Arny Roberts, Kota

  Never Give Up
I happened to check all the files in my system. Miraculously, I found the message Never Give Up!! by AAS Jebaveeran (LOL May 2010), which I downloaded in my website, may be around 2 years back. Amen. Literally tears rolled out from my eyes, while reading it and God really encouraged me. God is really faithful. We need to be faithful in worse conditions and in the process of the fulfilment of promise... I'm really happy today, it was like God's prophetic message was given to me 2 years back, for today I should be encouraged. Light of Life is really a mouth of God. God bless you and your ministry and your family.

Ravi Kumar P, Bangalore

As the author of the article, Jewellery: What the Bible Says, published in LOL Aug. ’11 issue, I am forced to write these lines in reply to the comments by Jane Thomas (Nov. ’11).

The purpose of the article was just to show that God isn’t against gold and jewellery being used by His children. In fact, Yahweh Himself had given these ‘minerals of the world’ to the Israelites (Ezek. 16:17,14,11). But they sinned in trusting their own beauty, and using the God-given beauty aids for harlotry & their perverted plans (v.15). Can one think of a God who makes His children gold-haters on earth; but forces them to their eternal abode, a Golden City? Gold is not a ‘thing’ of this world alone, as the reader thinks; it is heavenly too (Rev. 21:10).

Women stripping off their jewellery was on the orders of Yahweh, in the Old Testament. This was short-lived, as explained in the article. Modest wearing of jewellery, and using make up (which are entirely different subjects) should not be mixed up. The latter category people are only ‘nominal’ believers.

Some consider it a waste of valuable space to publish such articles. On the other hand, is a vast majority being carried away by incorrect doctrines due to lack of knowledge of the Truth, for whose benefit I have laid down the Biblical truth, backed by the relevant references. Believers may use their divine discerning powers to decide on the matter. Bible truths cannot be hidden away, belittled or down-played. I have seen people who profess against using gold and jewellery, themselves wearing the same. They are hypocrites, they are ungodly-woe unto them.

Donald J Godfred, Secunderabad

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