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Light of Life: June 2012

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Your letters

June 2012
Your Letters

  Blessed Spiritually
I am getting your magazine since 1985. I have been blessed every month spiritually from the articles which you are publishing. We translate an article in to Bengali & publish in our monthly magazine; more than 5000 news bulletins we publish. Your magazine is my spiritual food, sometimes I take guidance from the various articles. Our church & Christian community are blessed also.

Daniel Dipon Sarker, Bangladesh

  First Rate
This month's (April 2012) edition of your magazine was simply outstanding. I read it at one sitting! The editorial on "security" was first rate, as usual. "Our security rests on the nature of God." This comment is pregnant with meaning. Similarly, the reflection of Samuel Manoharam, "The cross is the meeting place of God's love and God's wrath" hit me like lightning. No one has put it quite like that. Please accept my commendation. Keep up the good work.

Bernard Thangasamy, Andhra Pradesh

  Systematic And Timely
I must encourage your editorial team for the systematic and timely production of the magazine. The content of Light of Life always is scriptural and vital for spiritual nurture. This combination of godly content and prompt production, I believe is the USP of your magazine. This is possible because of two things: 1) Hard work by your entire team. 2) God's special provision of content providers. May God continue to bless all of you!

Dr. M. Anthony David, Andhra Pradesh

  Edifies Spiritually
I am a regular reader of Light of Life Magazine by subscribing for the past 5 years. The LOL magazine helped me much in my ministry; especially it edifies me spiritually as the contents of every issue are practical and inspiring. I would like to encourage other people who never read it to kindly read it by subscription. May the Lord Almighty bless the LOL Magazine and the Editorial Board to continue publishing it in the days to come.

Dr. P. G. Momin, Meghalaya

I was immensely pleased to go through the article "The Challenge of the Cross" by P. Samuel Manoharam (LOL March 2012). It is really challenging to all the Christian believers, Christian leaders as well as servants of God. He has very well analysed the true meaning and stressed that the true Christians must give up self. It is marvellously true. I salute the author and uphold such witnesses in my prayer.

When I glanced the news on the other pages, I came across CSI Moderator's corrupt ways in the dealings It is a shame. I remembered our Lord's dealing with such people, about 2000 years back (Matt. 21:12): "My house shall be called the House of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves." Oh! What a mockery of such people administering the Christian organisations today and allowing unbelievers to make enquiries and report.

I appreciate your esteemed magazine in enlightening the issues will open the eyes of Christians to introspect their lives, before they face the judgement day at the arrival of our Lord, at any time now.

As I was going through the article "Security in Eternity" (LOL April 2012) by MJ Jacob, after the Easter Sunday Service, I simply marvelled and enjoyed within myself the victorious life in our Lord Jesus Christ.

I desire to heartily congratulate the young boy Jeffrey Daniel (7th grade student) for his lovely poem "On The Cross" (LOL April '12). It is truly meaningful, as he is looking at the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ in these days. Let us all uphold him in our prayers for his bright, Christ-centred life all through his life with hope of everlasting life in the risen Lord.

P. D. Arthur Prasad, Mysore

Indeed I am very benefitted on my spiritual moulding day-to-day by reading through your precious Christian magazine.

Chueyi James Rengma, Nagaland

  Cherished And Nourished
Thank you very much for sending me the magazine for the last one year. I have cherished and nourished it. It is a wonderful magazine, amazing in all spheres, which is an encouragement for a Christian in his Christian life.

Subhash P. Kairanna, Karnataka

How we thank the Lord for you and for all that He is doing in and through you. Thank you for this wonderful magazine.

Ray Eicher, Mussoorie

I enjoy always reading the magazine for the last 25 years or more. I appreciate you for upgrading the standard of the magazine.

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