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Light of Life: July 2012

Editorial: LAITY - P. Abraham

KNOWING THE WILL OF GOD - Immanuel G. Christian




AFTER WE SIN - Jacob Ninan

DEALING WITH DENIAL - Domenic Marbaniang



Bob's Banter - THE VICTORIOUS TWO PERCENT..! - Robert Clements

Jesus Asks… - Why Do You Look At The Speck....? - Vijay Thangiah

Your letters

July 2012
Your Letters

Just when I was reading the LOL May 2012, in particular, the article "Prophetic ministry" by Zac Poonen and "Still Some Get Saved" by Jacob Ninan, along with the other writers even in earlier months, I was inspired and felt that I must request all the readers of this spirit-filled, Christ-centred magazine to continuously uphold the writers in our day-to-day prayers pleading our Saviour Jesus Christ to bestow upon them all, including the editor P. Abraham, good health and spiritual wealth continuously. I always appreciate Samuel Manoharam and M. J. Jacob, who, in spite of old age, actively participate in giving out their experiences through spirit-filled articles. I earnestly plead and pray that Almighty richly bless them all.

P. D. Arthur Prasad, Mysore

  Faithful Services
Thank you very much for your faithful services to the body of Christ. As your magazine helps us grow and prepare ourselves for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, we as family wish to also thank you for all the enlightened write ups and inspired revelations being shared with us, including your editorials and news that keep us on line with current affairs in the Christian community.

Mrs. Ivy Samuel Kunder, Mumbai

  Timely Tips
Last year two deaths happened in my home. I was shaken physically and mentally. But recently, when I read "Security in Eternity" by M. J. Jacob (LOL Apr. '12), my inner sorrows and tears brushed away. The following sentences worked wonders and became my comforter. "It is advisable to remove the word 'death' from the vocabulary and replace it as 'Entry'," "What radiance of glory, what bliss beyond compare," were his concluding sentences. I thank God for these timely tips.

Abha Alexander, Jharkhand

  Marvellous Magazine
We thank and praise God for your marvellous magazine. It is excellent and of high standard in all aspects. It is the most loved magazine all over India with highest circulation. May God continue to bless you all and the literature ministry.

M. Raju, Hyderabad

  Study Your Bible
As a regular reader of Light of Life magazine, I myself and all my family members benefitted spiritually . We appreciate "Study your Bible" programme, which encourages us to read the Bible thoroughly and gain Biblical knowledge. Convey our thanks to Mrs.Lily Abraham. We pray for LOL Magazine and all the writers of the Magazine.

Sabita Mahapatra, Odisha

I am a Life Member of LOL and I am very proud of being a part of LOL Ministry. In churches or in any other meetings, Preachers, Evangelists, Bishops and Pastors preach to congregations. But LOL preaches to those who preach to others. There is nobody to raise voice against the so-called non-practical preachers.

I am very sorry to say that those who are keepers of God's house or institutions are looting God's money. This is from Top to Bottom and Bottom to Top. They are coming to power by backdoor and looting God's money. These people are not called by God or selected by God's will. To get elected for any post or position, Bible gives good direction. By fasting prayer and by casting lots they can choose. But nobody follows this Bible method.

I compare LOL team to a good cricket team, meaning a good opening Batsman, Middle Order and Tail Enders like wise good bowlers. Your Editorials start as good opener and Middle and Tail Ender writers; there are good Bowlers like Robert Clements and Zac Poonen. I do not remember from which month or year you are writing the Editorials. Almost all are praiseworthy.

P. Mohan Das, Karnataka.

  Guides and Leads
I am happy to state that Light of Life Magazine guides and leads me to grow richly as a Christian.

K. V. Mathai, Kochi

  Keeps Me Spiritually Fit
Your magazine regularly keeps me spiritually fit every day. Articles by Zac Poonen, Duke Jeyaraj and, of course, the Editor, are highly researched works.

J. J. Henry Swamidas, Madurai

  Source Of Inspiration
Thank you for sending Light of Life regularly. It is an excellent source of Inspiration. Every article has its charm and elegance. Certain life issues are dealt with in a lucid manner. Faith, marriage, family, prayer thoughts are all placed with a fruitful perspective. I enjoy reading regularly. Keep doing this good work and uphold the faith in a Christian perspective.

Dr. C. I. Jolly, Kerala

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