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Light of Life: January 2012

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January 2012


Jacob Ahmed

Our character is our greatest support in the ministry.

God blessed Solomon more than David. He was the wisest and wealthiest king in the world in his time. He was chosen by God. He built the temple of Jerusalem which was the most valuable and beautiful, on the side of man and God. God personally appeared to him twice to give all the conditions to be followed in his life (1Kgs.9:4-9).

But Solomon loved pleasure more than the words of God. He had 1000 women for his pleasure. He failed to respect God by marrying women who worshipped idols. He loved foreign women, and his wives led him astray (1Kgs.11:1-8). When Solomon grew old, his wives turned his heart after other gods. He did not follow the Lord completely. The man who had dedicated the first temple of Jerusalem, now turned to idols. Why was it and how was it?

Solomon committed such sin because he was a self-pleasing man. He was more blessed than his father David, but so also his sin was more serious than that of his father. Because he loved pleasure, his wives knew he would follow anything if that was tuned to pleasure. We know King Ahab was led by his wife Jezebel to worship Baal (1Kgs. 16:31-33). All through the history of Israel God commanded His people not to marry foreign women who did not worship the God of Israel. God knew a woman was one of the weapons to lead people to sin. Even Satan came to Eve (Gen.3:1-6) and finally Adam also fell into sin. And people, who love pleasure like King Solomon, are more susceptible to that. Because Solomon loved women more than God, he fell into such sin.

Women are not always to be blamed; but by nature they are gullible and curious. But when they are spiritual, they overtake man. So the Apostle Paul warned the churches how women should conduct themselves in the church and at home. Marrying an unbeliever is rejecting God. Solomon replaced God with woman. Some women are pleasure loving and some women love social living. If not both, they are highly spiritual as we see in many spiritual movements today. The foreign wives could understand the weakness of King Solomon that he would not reject their interests because in the first place he had rejected God by marrying them. They took advantage of Solomon's interests and weakness. The same thing had happened in the life of Samson (Judg.16:1-21). Samson sold himself because he loved Delilah. He gave priority to woman, and not God. God is not against women, but our priority in the ministry should be God and not self desire or woman.

Our Enemy
Many times it is we believers who give room for our enemy. We love pleasure, wealth, power, name and fame, and many times we lose our sincerity and honesty before God. Marriage has an important role in our life. Many times our family and ministry depend on whom we marry. The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish woman tears down the house with her own hands (Pro.14:1). Because some men are foolish, women take advantage.

As a result, God tore down the kingdom of Solomon into two and gave the major part to someone else (1Kgs.11:11). This consequence did not stop with King Solomon alone, but it disturbed the whole nation. Because of Solomon's sin, God who was showing all favour to Solomon now started raising adversaries for Solomon (1Kgs. 11:14-40). Solomon was opposed by his officials, and by other leaders and kings. Even his son Rehoboam was rejected. God opposes us not because of what we do, but because of who we are. Love of pleasure can bring poverty in life. Solomon suffered from all angles; he could not die in peace. When God is not pleased with our heart and action, He will raise oppositions and the ministry will suffer.

When we are opposed in the ministry, or when our ministry is declining, we tend to look at others and God to defend or justify ourselves. We cry to God and try to raise more funds to support the ministry. But the fact is that our character is our greatest support in the ministry, not funds. God is not pleased with our position and great work. If our heart is not tuned with God, He will not bless us, and that is proved in our daily walk and speech. Even though God alone is all powerful, God needs us to fulfil His eternal plan.

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