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Light of Life: January 2012

Editorial: IDOLATRY - P. Abraham


BLESSED NEW YEAR - P. Samuel Manoharam




Bob's Banter - JUST ANOTHER COLLEGE GIRL..! - Robert Clements

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January 2012
Your Letters

I was much impressed and nourished to go through the precious article by P. Samuel Manoharam, the editorial by P. Abraham and Bobís Banter by Robert Clements in the Light Of Life October 2011 issue. All the articles are commendable for the present Christian generation. There are "stern" warnings in some of the statements made by these authors. Some of the statements like "we are performing before the audience of one" by Bro. Abraham. It distinguishes right from wrong. It is the most important part which aspires after holiness. Let us remember always, "when we have Jesus within us, we have heaven with us" by Bro. P. Samuel Manoharam in his article titled "Three Levels Of Christian Life." This is marvellous Christian experience. Further, Bro. Clement's statement as "Anti-sin bill is yours for the asking" in his article "Anti Sin Bill" is trustworthy and meaningful at the present juncture.

P. D. Arthur Prasad, Mysore

  Helps To Grow
I am a regular subscriber of Light Of Life since last many years and this particular Christian magazine has immensely helped me to grow in the spirit.

James Tamang, Darjeeling

  Spiritual Food
We are grateful to Lord Almighty to spare us an opportunity that we can come across this magazine Light Of Life, which has served as strengthening spiritual food to our much confounded lives in this world. I am only too lowly to thank God for the mercifulness that He has shown to us reprehensible slaves, to me and my family.

Light Of Life comes both encouraging and inspirational. It acknowledges witnesses and queries from all fronts of our spiritual life. We, from now on, wish to be persistent readers of it and request you to send us the magazine regularly.

Kanika K. Simon, Bhopal

We are privileged to be subscribing to your faithful magazine that is very informative in Christian issues, teaching, training and disciplining us in our Christian walk.

Samuel Kundu, Mumbai

  Remove The Darkness
Let this magazine give light to more people in the years to come. May God help you to remove the darkness from the world.

Joshua M. Samuel, Mumbai

I am ninety years old, but hope to be spared to enjoy and learn from your wonderful publication. May I say I have just read the article by P. Samuel Manoharam on Body, Soul and Spirit. I have never read such a very instructive article on that subject before. May God continue to bless your ministry.

Brian Vaughan, UK

  Kingdom Of God
The editorial "Kingdom Of God" (LOL Sept. 2011) is a God-send. It is a thoughtfully written marvellous piece, explaining the main biblical truth, for which Christ came into this world.

Unfortunately, this theme is being given very little importance in sermons and preachings in churches, making Christianity easy, effortless and powerless, when it demands repentance, self-denial and Christ-likeness. This theme is so vital that Christianity loses its uniqueness without it.

The Editorial beautifully says: "The Kingdom of God has come into the world in Christ; it works in the world through the Church. "The Church is the moon to reflect the light of the Son of God into the face of a darkened world." This is the epitome of Christ's message. The key to the Kingdom of God is Christ's Gospel. Christ gave such a key to the churches to advance the Kingdom of God, and He is now looking for such churches to fulfil the Great Commission, before His Second Coming to this world. This poses a serious challenge to everyone of us, making us answerable at God's Judgement Day, if we fail to make this message known to those who have not known it. Christ said: "Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is next to you." The Kingdom of God is embodied in Christ, who is the King of the Kingdom, and He is right in front of us. Christ, the Lord and King, who had come to this world, is now in our midst. He is inviting us to live under His divine rule. Christ's rule and reign in our lives is the very Kingdom of God. Therefore, when we have God's reign within us, we have God's Kingdom within us.

The Kingdom of God is spiritual and not territorial. So, we need to become spiritual Christians, by being born again by the Holy Spirit, making us God's children and heirs to His Kingdom. When we are born again, God's divine nature is introduced into our human nature, resulting in New Birth. That is why Christ said: "You must be born again" (Jn. 3:7), and "Unless one is born again, he cannot see (or enter) the Kingdom of God" (Jn. 3:3). This is God's ideal to everyone of us. When this ideal is realised, the impact upon an individual, a church, a community or a nation will be enormous. God wants to create a community of spiritual believers, to accomplish His purposes. Let us therefore burn up for this great ideal.

P. Samuel Manoharam

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