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Light of Life: February 2012

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February 2012
Your Letters

Thank you very much for sending me Light of Life Magazine. The need for such a resource magazine was felt for a long time. In fact, any person interested to understand the Christian faith will find this magazine very helpful. The liturgical articles available in the magazine add depth and richness to this great magazine.

Emmanuel J. Patras, Uttar Pradesh

  Useful Articles
The column "You can’t crawl out of hell" by Duke Jeyaraj (LOL Nov. 11) was useful to me in more than one way. I’m glad that LOL publishes such useful articles, that too on a regular basis! The article is clear and well-classified. I thank Duke Jeyaraj for his 5 "we-must-nots." Out of curiosity I referred the 7 verses in Psalm 119. Yes, God’s laws are not to be forgotten: ‘I will not forget them’ (v.16); ‘I am firmly anchored to them’ (v.61); ‘I will never lay them aside’ (v.93); ‘I will not give up obedience to them’ (v.109); ‘I don’t despise them’ (v.141); ‘I am obeying them’ (v.153); and ‘I have not turned away from them’ (v.176). Obedience births blessings! Amen!

P. Selvaraj, Coimbatore

I am a regular reader of LOL. Being a retired RBI officer, I have plenty of time to read Christian magazines, a little critically. The editorial on 'Charity' (LOL Dec.11) is wonderful. I have a comment, on the article 'O Little Bethlehem' by Suresh Manoharam, on Christ’s second coming. In the creed referred to in ‘Creed and Conduct’ it is stated that He "will come again to judge the living and the dead." In Matthew 16:27, the object of the second coming has been clearly stated as follows: "For the Son of Man is to come with His angels in the glory of His Father and then He will repay everyone for what has been done..." It would appear from the article, the second coming is "to set right all the wrongs" bringing order where there is disorder, peace where peace has gone to pieces, morality where there is immorality, hope where there is despair, joy where there is sorrow..."

Incidentally, I find no chapter 4 in 2 Thessalonians, referred in the article, in my Bible. Perhaps the reference is to 1 Thessalonians 4:16. (The error is regretted-Ed)

R. C. M. Pitchai, Chennai

  Wisdom And Understanding
I am very much thankful for Light of Life Magazine where I get different types of messages, expositions which is helping me in growing in the wisdom and understanding of the Word of God. Really it is fulfilling the hunger and thirst of my spiritual body. Every month I get new messages in new ways. This is very precious for my spiritual life.

Subardan Kujur, Jharkhand

I am a regular reader of Light of Life, and have greatly benefitted from the Editorials and articles in the magazine. Thank you.

Mrs. Nirmala Muthuswamy, Chennai

No need to say, all your articles, editorial, cover page are excellent. It is very nice to see Pastors and ladies writing more articles. It is really wonderful that ordinary people like us, get chance to read such wonderful articles. It is heart breaking to read that in many places, Pastors and Christians are undergoing so much of tribulation. May the Almighty give them strength to undergo all such problems.

Elizabeth Arthur, Nilgiris

Charity (LOL Dec. ‘11) depicts how people are charitable in different avenues and spheres of life. It showed very transparently the meaning of charity exampling Mukesh Ambani, Vijay Mallya, Steve Jobs besides Lal Bahadur Shastri and EMS Namboodiripad. Charity comes out from one’s magnanimity and attitude of altruism backed by humanity with empathic backdrop.

When God gives us more than what we have to have, why not we share and spare with others who seek so. We cannot forget Mother Teresa, who taught us through her life-style the meaning and need of charity and sincere service to the needy with love and dedication. Do the good you can, to be good to you and thankful to your God.

B.P.Pereira, Madurai

  Enjoy Reading
Light of Life Magazine, month after month, brings lot of inputs to us. We enjoy reading as a family.

D. John Samuel, Vellore

I am very grateful and thankful to receive the Light of Life Magazine. I am blessed and got closer to God. I really enjoy each article.

Ms. Nirmala Butt, Andhra Pradesh

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