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Light of Life: December 2012

Editorial: A BIRTH WORTH RECALLING - P. M. Joseph



PAIN IS GAIN - M. J. Jacob





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December 2012
Your Letters

  Very Helpful
Thank you very much for the uninterrupted publication of Light of Life. The name of the magazine, Light of Life, is really justified. The magazine is very much helpful for a layman to understand the deep thoughts of the Bible through the ideas of different writers. I sincerely thank you and pray to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for all the team members for their efforts in bringing out the magazine.

J. S. Kumar, Odisha

  Bring Back Bob’s Banter
For years we in Vizag, that is my family and friends, have been delighted by the satire column written by Robert Clements. But we are wondering what has happened to him. Has he stopped writing for the magazine? Is he sick? Please do ask him to continue writing, as we love his humour, and also his sharp thoughts. We have even used some of his columns on our church notice board and our church bulletin. I do enjoy the rest of the Light of Life, but do get Bob back.

Angela Dotson, Vizag

  Missing Bob’s Banter
We regularly receive Light of Life magazine for Christian growth. At the same time, we missed Robert Clements’ articles for the last few months.

Haupu, Manipur

  Views On Dowry
In his editorial ‘Dowry’ in the August issue of LOL, Mr. P. Abraham quoted incidents from the Bible where the dowry was paid by the bride-groom or his family. In course of time. this practice is turned around and the girls’ families are now demanded to pay the dowry to the boys’ families. The natives of Africa are still practising a custom in which the prospective bridegroom pays ‘Lobola’ (i.e. dowry) to the bride’s father in the form of cattle (cattle is their wealth). Surprisingly, the fat ladies fetch more cattle to their fathers!

James Jeyaraj, Tuticorin

As I was going through your valuable magazine of October 2012 issue, I felt that I was personally awakened and elated. Being one of the believers in Jesus Christ and His redeeming power, I wish to express my deeply felt happiness for the way the writers wrote the articles on the Christian faith. These thoughts enrich our faith and enable us to live here on earth as long as God keeps us and protects us each day as His true witnesses.

I wish to mention only two portions of two writers among others, for want of space and time.

1. “Don’t despise your birth right” by brother M. J. Jacob. Radiating God’s glory. If we are mindful of our birth right and live as members of God’s family, we we will become radiant Christians. Others will take note that we are God’s Children.

2. The “Beauty and Marvel of Spiritual New birth by Brother P. Samuel Manoharam. God-ordained life. The writer stresses, “Do you know the kind of life that God the Father has planned out for each of His redeemed children here on earth? It is a life of inexpressible joy and peace! Not the shallow and mundane life we are accustomed to. Lord Christ wants us to experience the new life in Him and be partakers of His divine nature. God has made us for eternity and is graciously working in us to spend eternity with Him.

Oh! What marvellous expressions they are! These rejuvenate me in particular. May God richly bless all the writers and use them for His glory.

P. D. Arthur Prasad, Mysore

  Blessed Ministry
Thanks to you that, continually I am receiving Light of Life magazine and through this booklet I am blessed in my ministry life. Our church congregation praying for Light of Life. Please continue this magazine for my spiritual growth.

Nikunja Majhi, Odisha

  Kingdom responsibility
I read Dr. Oby Cherian’s “Sharing of Faith,” the 38th part of his ‘Notes Along The Journey (October LOL) with interest and involvement. There is no wall between the clergy and the laity in Christianity. All are called by God ‘Kings and priests.’ The kingdom responsibility can’t be relegated to clergy only. Laity should work alongside pastor/minister. After all, it is indeed an honour to present Christ to people. It is an honour, not a thrust-upon assignment! Let us honour this honour!

P. Selvaraj, Coimbatore

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