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Light of Life: April 2012

Editorial: SECURITY - P. Abraham

WHY DID CHRIST COME? - Francis Sunderaraj




IS JESUS RELEVANT TODAY? - Jeyakar Chellaraj

Bob's Banter - SHARING YOUR VISION..! - Robert Clements

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April 2012
Your Letters

  Proper Attitude
Thanks for LOL's 2012 February issue, with many soul-nurturing messages. The Editorial "Attitude" is excellently illuminating. It deals with the topic in depth and with fine convincing illustrations. It has good potential to teach and guide many readers, to adopt proper attitude to face the problems of life, in these hard and perplexing times. Thanks for such a helpful Editorial.

Sir John Lubbock, British Statesman (1834-1913) said: "What we see depends mainly on what we look for. This means : a good attitude and the right focus helps us to handle anything cheerfully and effectively, even though it doesn't change our circumstances. Christians should know that their indifferent attitude towards the Lord Jesus, their lethargy, their disinterested longing for Him, their worldly tendencies, are actually stifling their vital relationship with Him, grieving Him greatly. This needs to be corrected, if they really wish to live as serious-minded believers in the Lord.

May God help us to change our present attitude and develop a proper attitude acceptable to Him.

P. Samuel Manoharam, Vizag

  Thought Provoking
"Lessons from 'Dirty picture'" by Duke Jeyaraj in the February 2012 issue was thought provoking. The Lord came down to this world to save humanity that whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life. Jesus loves everyone. But He loves them more who are ugly, physically, mentally and spiritually. He bowed to touch and heal even those outcasts affected by diseases like leprosy. He healed all those possessed by demons. Those whom the society considered ugly He loved, forgave their sins and sent them in peace. And those like the Samaritan woman turned to be His messengers to pass on His good news. Jesus loves Silk Smithas. Their redemption is His priority. And at present, suicides in various fields from family to farmers are increasing. Those who come in contact with Jesus are saved. This is a challenge we face today: to bring the ugly to the Lord to change the world of suicides.

Jacob Sahayam, Thiruvananthapuram

Short articles can be impacting. Kezia Joseph's "Celebration: a reason, a season or a lifetime?" in the February 2012 issue is an example. Celebration of a festival sans the joy of being together is no celebration at all. (We should) make sure (we) light the candle in (our) own home. There can't be a better reason for a celebration! The real-event-based observation, "These men contributed to their demise by carrying what they did not need" in the Editorial opened my heart. The meaning of the verse, "Let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us (Heb. 12: 1) has been effectively illustrated. Praise the Lord!

Dr. P. Selvaraj, Coimbatore

  An Asset
Your editorial on Idolatry in Jan. 2012 is undoubtedly a God-given 'heart-rending and eye-opening' excellent message. Discussions on idolatry in homes and preaching in churches have become almost pathetically obsolete these days. The google-age Christians look so much complacent regarding idolatry that this greatly-needed message does not find enough scope and serious thought in our daily talks and walks. You have discussed the issue so clearly, emphatically and boldly that every sincere reader will appreciate it and rededicate him/her-self to Christ. I have gone through this article many times and every time it has refreshed my heart and soul and have also given it to my friends to read. Your appeal to "read it (Word of God) not simply to be informed, but to be transformed and conformed to the likeness of Jesus" is most welcome. Hats off to you for such inspirational and courageous messages. Keep it on.

It is our privilege to get Light Of Life every month with marvellous articles/messages/ testimonies to strengthen and deepen our faith life. Surely Light Of Life is tremendously helping every sincere reader to understand the Word of God and live for the glory of God in the present time where corruption and violence are rampant all around. I keenly await its arrival from the last day of the month. As many have commented wisely, Light Of Life is no wonder an asset of every Christian home. May God richly bless the whole Light Of Life parivar.

I. P. Vishwakarma, Agra

I prayerfully wish to congratulate Duke Jeyaraj for his praiseworthy, Biblical, knowledgable article, "Lesson from the Dirty Picture" (LOL Feb. 12). He has given us and all the Christian generation in the present times, the Christian Truth revelation to the world, as it is the need of the hour. May God use him further, thereby he will, in his personal life too, help the youth of our country.

I am personally humbled and join the feelings of Christian faith in our Lord Jesus Christ by Dr. Vimal R Ram in her article "Dare to Trust Him" and P. Samuel Manoharam in his exemplary article, "Blessed New Year" in the January 2012 issue.

I congratulate the Editor for putting up marvellous articles in the magazine, so as to enable the readers to introspect themselves as to where they stand in their day-to-day life.

P. D. Arthur Prasad, Mysore

  Prompt Delivery
Thank you for your prompt way of sending the magazine; February issue was received on Feb. 2. I desire that each and every human being must use all their talents and give money to honest people like you so that the precious name of Jesus will be known to unbelievers.

Vinita, Vizag

  Source Of Inspiration
The magazine is a source of inspiration and also enlightenment in certain areas of my walk with the Lord. Keep up the good work for our Lord Jesus Christ in the field of print media as the 'Glorious Day' approaches. Amen!!!

Georgei Jacob, Goa

  Much Interest
I have been reading with keen interest and eagerness every article including "Debates." I had sent the question "Can Christians display supposed pictures of Christ?" I was looking for an answer based on Scripture. I am glad the question has aroused much interest even in LOL February 2012 "Readers Write" column. In LOL Feb 2012 appears a good article titled "Sever Anger And Slumber." The author of Epistle of James is mentioned as the disciple of Jesus Christ. In NT we find 4 persons named James: Matt. 4:21, 10:3, 13:55, Mk. 6:3, 15:40, Lk. 6:16, Jn. 7:5, Acts 1:13, 12:17, 15:13, 21:18, I Cor. 15:7.

Elden E. Daniels, Gujarat

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