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Light of Life: April 2012

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Bob's Banter - SHARING YOUR VISION..! - Robert Clements

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April 2012

Robert Clements

Afew weeks ago, I was at a meeting where chairmen and secretaries from different housing societies in the area expressed their dissatisfaction with the way the municipality was running their area and the way it was developing. I knew they were ambitious men and women, but realised, since I was chairing the meeting, that I needed to make them dream, I asked, "What is your vision of this area? Tell me your dream."

Suddenly the meeting changed, eyes glistened and enthusiasm was seen.

About a 1000 years ago, a wise man was drawn to a construction site. He watched from the edge of a clearing in the forest as the workmen bent over their individual tasks.

Finally, his curiosity drove him to one workman at the edge of the site, whom he asked, "What are you doing, my good man?" The workman looked up briefly and went back to his work. "I'm working," he said curtly.

Not satisfied with the answer, the sage approached a second workman to ask him the same question. "You can see I'm breaking stones," he replied.

The wise man was made of stern stuff and he wasn't leaving without an answer, so he walked over to a third workman with the question. "I'm building a cathedral," replied this workman smilingly.

The incident opened the sage's eyes, because all three of them were breaking boulders into smaller stones, but in their minds they were not doing the same jobs.

The third workman was working for a cause much larger than himself and it showed in his approach to work. You can just do a day's work, or build a career, a team, an organisation, or a nation. Wonderful, but that by itself is not enough, the real good leader learns to share his vision with others--an individual's overpowering sharing of his vision can be the glue that holds together and powers forward a team, an army or a country.

This has been proven time and again by various leaders from history.

Alexander The Great, and Mahatma Gandhi are just two names from the past. If we look at corporates today, examples abound of ambitious leaders who built great institutions, sharing their dream.

But what about our churches? Is the dream of evangelism, of your children growing in the Lord, being shared? Or do you, as a Pastor, Elder, Sunday School Superintendent or Choir Conductor keep your dream closely to your chest? Or do you have a dream at all? If you don't have one, leave and let someone with a dream take over, and let the new person share his or her dream.

Those who share their vision gain results. Today, that seems to be the only way to build a lasting institution. Share your vision.

Be not just the one who builds a cathedral but the one who shares its blueprints with others and gets them excited and involved in your vision..!

Light of Life