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September 2011
Your Letters

I read with great and much interest your 'Judgment' editorial. I understand that; now I will read it carefully. I was benefitted by reading it. Thanks so much. "Who is a Christian?" by EJ Mathew is a wonderful article, it will surely bless the reader.

Dr. Emmanuel John Patras, Uttar Pradesh

  Spiritual Growth
I enjoy reading the articles written by different authors and the editorial which certainly contribute to spiritual growth of committed members of our Christian faith.

P. M. Alexander, New Delhi

My hearty wishes to your Editorial Board for sending the Light of Life Magazine every month on time to me. As the quality of the Magazine is so enchanting, it will be difficult for me to keep the magazine aside.

May the Almighty provide health, wisdom and courage to all the Board members to run the magazine in a lively manner.

Dr. T. Vijaypandiyan, Chennai

When I get a copy of the Light of Life magazine, I start reading with great expectation of getting better understanding of Biblical truths. Of late, however, I find the articles selected are not of much relevance, especially the July 2011. I was also shocked to read Zac Poonen's article on Isaac. It is mostly assumptions and presumptions. You may kindly refer to Watchman Nee's The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob where Isaac is correctly portrayed. Hope you will take this is as constructive criticism.

K. Kurian, Kochi

The recent issue (LOL July 2011) was as edifying as usual. Amongst a plethora of illuminating essays,the Editorial and the article of Zac Poonen on the "ups and downs" in Issac's life made for an absorbing read. How revealing it is that even heroes of faith display now and then a feet of clay!

Suresh Manoharan, Hyderabad

  Multifaceted Ministry
We thank God for your multifaceted ministry, especially for the venerated magazine Light of Life with its enlightening Editorials and other publications, which have been great source of blessing and edification for us all. Kindly arrange for the renewal of the Gift Subscription of Light of Life for one year to our dear ones.

Bimal George Sagar, Jodhpur

  Ministerial Tool
Light Of Life is really a great blessing and great ministerial tool which I really enjoyed all through the years. I used all information and statistics which helped a lot in our church chain fasting prayer, which goes all through the month. I really appreciate all your efforts to bring out the magazine as a tool in every aspect and every area in ministry. I continue to pray that you should do it for many thousands in the days to come.

Rev. J. Abraham Prabu, Vellore

I regularly read and subscribe Light of Life and very much blessed by this wonderful magazine. I have been inspired, encouraged and challenged by your magazine.

Rev. Sindhu Pani, West Bengal

Light of Life has been my friend of life since my school years till now. Now I am a retired Govt. servant. I had been blessed in many ways through reading this magazine.

Hemol Basumatari, Assam

I enjoy your magazine for its rich scripture content. It brings me to study the Bible because it teaches me so much about the Bible subjects covered in the articles.

Alan Manohar, Karnataka

  Uninterrupted Supply
Thank you very much for the uninterrupted supply of the valuable magazine-Light of Life. All chapters covered in the book are of great value. It helps us in thinking in a different angle than the traditional way of thinking.

J. S. Kumar, Odisha

  Great Magazine
Light of Life Magazine has brightened my outlook and made my life more enjoyable during tough times. The magazine along with the Scripture and prayer have brought me closer to the Lord, and help me become more like Him. Thanks for a great magazine for people like me all around India.

Nirmal Mondal, Kolkata

  Excellent Message
Three cheers to Bobís Banter (Robert Clements) for his excellent message published in the June issue of LOL. It is short and sweet. Your Life, Your Pulpit. What a difference it will make if we all become practising Christians! It is only by being practising Christians we can make an impact on the non-Christian world.

M. J. Jacob, Thiruchirappalli

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