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October 2011


Binu John

Living a fulfilling life.

Everyone must answer these questions for himself: How long am I going to live? What is the legacy I wish to leave behind? Unprecedented incidents around us indicate how short our life is. When I see even young kids fighting for their lives battling cancer, it declares one fact--our lifespan can be much shorter than we think. We seem to think that we will live forever. We act and spend time and money as though we will always be here.

In the language of a songwriter, life is like a rose. It looks beautiful today; shining, very attractive and fragrant. All of its prettiness, lure and aroma will be gone the next day as it withers and falls to the ground. It was that short. Life simply illustrates that. One day your heart will stop beating. That will be your last day on the face of this earth.

In this short life, every month, every week, day, hour, each minute and, in fact, every second is so precious. If we miss it, we missed it. We can regret over the lost opportunity. We can regret over what is lost. But we canít redeem those lost opportunities.

Therefore, the Psalmist makes a meaningful prayer in Psalm 90:12, "Teach us to number our days aright." What does he mean? He wants to be serious with his life. He desires to make use of every single second wisely. How can we do that? By reflecting back on life and straightening it up. Am I wasting my time? Am I engaged in unimportant arguments? Am I majoring on the minor issues? Am I giving too much energy for less important issues and destroying the peace of everyone around? Help me to number my days so that I will streamline certain things. Help me to reframe my priorities. Teach me to cut out those meaningless activities that crowd out the important ones.

Live For Jesus
Because life is short, I canít afford to waste it. I donít have the luxury to misuse my energy. Wasting my time is equal to that of wasting my life. I have a purpose in life. Therefore, help me to number my days. No time to joke around. No time to play hide and seek. Help me to count every second of it.

What do you want to do with your life before that final day hits you? I want to do the things that will last significantly longer than my life on this earth. What would that be? Paul has an answer: live for Jesus! He says, "Those who live should no longer live for themselves, but for Him who died for them and was raised again" (2Cor.5:15). He admonishes, donít live for yourself, but live for Him. Stop living for yourself and start living for Jesus. In this way, your life will be more meaningful and you can make the most out of what God has given you.

What Is The Reward?
Now, a sincere question can be, "What is the outcome of living for Jesus? What will I get? What is the reward?" If I set aside my own personal agenda for the sake of someone, if I sacrifice my dreams, if I give up my personal interest for the sake of Jesus, what would be my benefit?

Even in Jesusí time, people raised the same question. When Jesus called people to Him, they were curious too. Peter once came forward and said, "My Master, at Your word we have left everything to follow You. We left our boat and nets; that means we left behind our entire money-making equipment. We gave away our tools of survival to follow You. Now we donít know where You are taking us and we are uncertain about our future too. So tell us about our benefits. I am sorry, I should have asked these questions in the beginning. But I was so emotionally moved by Your love and care. But now people ask me these questions. So please let me."

Jesus welcomed Peterís query and replied, "And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life" (Matt.19:29). One hundred fold of return of whatever you sacrificed! Not only that, they will inherit eternal life also. This is the profit of investing for His Kingdom. This is a risk-free investment. Generations have experienced this proven deal in their lives. No one has ever failed or regretted. He will say, check it out for yourself.

If you turn to Paul and ask about his reward, he would say, "Personally I did not gain anything. I know this: once I lived in hopelessness; I reached the lowest point in my life; I did not know the way; my life was meaningless. But I enjoyed my life after I met Jesus. Ever since, I found my life worth living for Him."

I have seen the positive impact on my own life. I have seen people, who were ready to kill themselves, find new life. I have seen the transformation of children who had no future. I have seen people saved and blessed because of my fragile life. Because of this, I have found it is worth living for Him. It is worthwhile to give my talents, energy and focus.

Paul lived many years ago. But if you look back at his one life and see how much impact he made within that short span, you will be amazed. The number of epistles he wrote, the number of churches he established, the number of leaders he prepared, the number of marriages saved, suicides averted and addictions conquered. These benefits are beyond measure. All these were by just one feeble person sacrificing his personal dreams for the sake of Jesus. He lived at the maximum fullness for Jesus.

Often I hear elderly people say, "I have wasted my time, wasted my energy. I wanted to do so much, but I have wasted my life." They are a warning to us. Life is not a rehearsal; we canít do it over again; therefore, let us take wise steps for the future.

Surrendered Life
"We have only one life, soon this will be past; only whatís done for Christ will last." For the remaining days of our life, if we need to make some changes, if we need to prioritise, if we need to alter some choices, let us do so and surrender our lives at the Masterís feet.

Will you make that commitment? This may mean that you have to give up something, something that you cherish so dearly. But if you give away anything for His nameís sake, your life will never be the same and He will bless you one hundred fold. Will you listen to His voice and pursue that?

The number of our days on this planet is very limited, but the opportunities to make an eternal difference in the lives of individuals around us are unlimited. If you live your life for Jesus, you are bound to leave a lasting legacy that will positively impact those around you. Life is short, seize the moment; grab hold of opportunities. Grab them now; donít delay!

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