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October 2011
Your Letters

I have gone through the August 2011 LOL magazine. I am really blessed by the article The Work Of God And Work Of Man, the contrast and comparison between King Saul and David by Santosh Poonen. It has really given me spiritual insight. When we are appointed by God, we will rely on God in all crises; God will protect us and God will defend us.

We start ministry and appoint ministers; but when it is done through flesh, God will not bless it. But when it is done through the leading of the Spirit, there will be blessing and the plan of God will be established.

Jacob Ahmed, Assam

  The Gap
In his article titled The Gap (LOL July 2011) Cyril Georgeson writes about our penchant to be attracted to people who are famous and beautiful externally by their dress and appearance, rather than those who may not be outwardly so. And then in that context, he also mentions about the appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ, citing from Isaiah 53. Probably, this is out of context because it is a depiction of the form of our Lord Jesus Christ at the crucifixion and the immediate incidents before it when He was virtually "tortured." Most Bible scholars and teachers agree on this. That form was not His normal appearance before that despicable crime. Nothing is mentioned about His normal appearance in the New Testament. Perhaps we can assume that He had normal physical features of an average Jew. In that sense, I agree that people were not attached to Him by His mere physical beauty. Rather, people flocked to Him for His compassion, grace, the sermons and parables He preached and the miracles He performed. Jesus Christ Himself said that we should not judge anybody by external appearances (Jn. 7:24). Paul exhorts the same (2 Cor. 10:7). Fallen man has this sinful nature of going after God's beautiful creation rather than praising and glorifying the Creator. Perhaps, being filled with the Spirit all the time is one of the ways to overcome this attitude. The chorus "Turn your eyes upon Jesus, and the things of the earth will grow strongly dim," says the same thing in a different way.

Dr. K. A. Nambudiripad, Chennai

Light of Life, July 2011 issue, delightfully contains spiritually oriented messages for Christian growth. I really enjoyed going through it. The Editorial Judgement is an inspired, most sought-after message to the Christian world, to serve as an eye-opener. It is a wake up call for us to get right with God and to live God-pleasing lives, in conformity with His Word. This calls for introspection, for necessary corrective action.

The message

Do You Really Believe? by Mrs. Lily Abraham gives us a wake up call with deep concern. We need to examine our hearts to see whether the faith we have in our Lord Jesus Christ is real. We live in this world of make-believe. Intellectual Christianity cannot make us true believers in Christ.

P. Samuel Manoharam, Vizag

I am a subscriber of your magazine for over 30 years and I do not wish to miss even one issue of it. It has enlightened me over the years and helped me and my family in our spiritual life. We pray that the Almighty God may give the health and strength to all the members of the Editorial Board and also to the contributors who are involved in bringing out such a wonderful monthly magazine, which I believe, has helped a number of God-loving people in their spiritual life.

John W. Soans, Mumbai

  Sufficient Nutrients
From my long association with the Light of Life Magazine, I can say that there are certain articles in every issue which provide sufficient nutrients in them for spiritual growth, self-introspection and faith-abounding life. Old age people, in particular, need all time true companionship, spiritual support and inspiration amongst others. I feel LOL will always have something for them to digest and be refreshed.

E. W. Lyngdoh, Meghalaya

  Dealing With Bribery
My article on Dealing With Bribery (LOL Feb. 2011) created a small uproar among some readers. Someone told me that, during a discussion on corruption on NDTV, one expert pointed out that bribery should be classified into bribery for illegal activities and bribery under harassment! The suggestion from this person was that the people who were forced to give money under the second category should not be penalised, but allowed to raise complaints against those who demanded that money. I would actually call the second category extortion and not bribery, but nevertheless hope this works out.

Jacob Ninan, Bangalore

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