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November 2011
Your Letters

  The Torchbearer
August 2011 issue of Light of Life, is a fine blend of various Biblical messages, to quench many thirsty minds with its rich spiritual nourishment. I thank the authors for such impressive deeper messages.

Light of Life Magazine is God's torchbearer, building many believers in Christian faith and guiding them spiritually in Biblical direction, by igniting them with sparks of Light and Life of Christ's Gospel. Every month many readers enjoy reading the excellent Editorials.

May God bless the able stewardship of the Editor in advancing the Kingdom of God on earth through the Light of Life magazine. I believe it has the potential of bringing many lost and perishing souls back to Godly path and also helping many to thirst for true spirituality.

P. Samuel Manoharam, Vizag

  Animal Planet
Kudos to Bro. Vijay Thangiah for taking the LOL readership through "Discovery" and "Animal Planet" series. Beginning with the January issue, Bro. Thangiah has been presenting wonderful spiritual lessons derived from the "Animal world." It is said, creativity in writing is all about "not writing the obvious things the obvious way." This definition can be applied to topic selection, too. Novelty in writing is also about taking "new topics"and weaving the age-old truths around them, without in any way compromising on the core message of the Gospel. Full steam ahead... The Editorial "Kingdom of God" in the recent issue was an icing on the cake as usual.

Suresh Manoharan, Andhra Pradesh

Regret to note the tone of the article Jewellery (LOL Aug. 2011) and it is not at all edifying. It would have been much better if you had given that page to "godliness" which exactly Peter was trying to expound. When you teach and exercise godliness, "the things of this world will strangely dim," as the chorus says. Our beauty is in being partakers of His divine nature. One thing is sure, whenever there was a call for repentance and santification in the OT, women stripped themselves of their jewellery.

Regarding Sarah-the point there is not regarding her jewellery, but her character of lowliness and obedience by calling her husband lord-which in turn is her acceptance of his headship. If only the modern women could imbibe this character-definitely it supersedes any jewellery she can adorn with.

I sometimes wonder how believers can break the bread with golden fingers and polished nails, and drink the wine with painted lips. Job 28:28 says, "Unto man He said, ‘behold the fear of the Lord is wisdom and to depart from evil is understanding’"-and this knowledge outweighs all the gold and silver one can possess and this is what should be sought after.

With regard to the "criteria to judge the spiritual standards of a believer"-none of us has a measuring scale because Jer. 17:9 says, "the heart is deceitful above all things and desperatly wicked, who can know it?" So leave it to God, who alone searches the heart. Finally, there is no "woe unto those who reject" the minerals of this world, But woe unto those who are ungodly.

Jane Thomas, Bangalore

  Everyone Prays For LOL
In every issue of Light of Life you are requesting to pray for LOL. In my opinion, it is not at all necessary, because one who reads the issue will definitely pray for the LOL team and its existence. LOL gives a universal coverage of spiritual and religious information the reader should know. It is an encyclopedia of the opinions and study of prominent persons who live for making others good, spiritually and mentally.

Be sure, that every one is praying for Light of Life, or sharing in their prayers for the prosperous survival of Light of Life team.

B. P. Pereira, Madurai

  Spiritual Growth
We love to read Light of Life Magazine, month after month. It helps us in our spiritual growth and many times solving our doubts. I like to read the debate section in the magazine which I look forward to every month.

Mrs. Felcie D'Souza, Navi Mumbai

It is encouraging to see several readers participate in the debate. In the September issue, a good number has participated. I find their views and presentation helpful and nourishing. Debate column is a blessing indeed.

M. J. Jacob, Tamil Nadu

  Spiritual Insights
Thank you for publishing Light of Life Magazine. I really enjoy reading it. The more I read, the more I am getting new spiritual insights. Congratulations for the wonderful magazine.

Ngulie Rentta, Nagaland

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