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May 2011
Your Letters

  Reform Christianity
Reform Christianity by S. Srinath (Your Letters, LOL March 11) is thought provoking. I agree with him and also his bold acclamation in the sentence, "at the second coming of Christ we cannot escape judgement and wrath of God." You also like Christ Jesus, His teachings and way of life; still you call yourself a Hindu Brahmin!

Pushpa N. Lyall, Dehradun

The life-impacting Editorial Growth (LOL Feb. 11) is a must-read. Lack of spiritual growth results in our continuing to live as spiritual dwarfs, incapacitating us to attain the full stature and to become mature in Christ.

Many believers are not spiritually born again to have proper growth in Christian life. Spiritual growth can take place only by the Power of the Holy Spirit when we are born again. Christ emphasised its need and said (Jn. 3:3) "Except a man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God."

Our salvation can be lost forever by not heeding the Voice of God's Word, continuously and recklessly. God forgives only when man repents with a truly penitent heart, immediately after he commits sin. God's Word says: Except we repent, we shall perish. Repentance must come before God pours out His love, grace and mercy upon him. When we truly repent of all our sins and when God forgives them, Holy Spirit takes up residence in our hearts, directing, guiding and edifying our lives, making them Christ-like.

When we continue to sin, we cannot have spiritual growth. God's Word (Heb. 10:26) is loud and clear: If we sin continuously, after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins. This is a serious warning to those who disobey Christ's Gospel and continue to sin unmindful of the consequences.

P. Samuel Manoharam, Vizag

  Just Two Percent
Thank you for the quite frank and forthright Bob's Banter Just Two Percent by Robert Clements (LOL Feb. 11). The skit very clearly brings out the kind of church growth and revival Indian Christians are perhaps proud of talking about, and may be, reporting. We have a long, very long, way to go in fulfilling the Great Commission. Mere demographic growth of the Church is not, let me emphasise, not at all enough.

K. V. Varghese's article on Christian Stewardship was very useful to me, since I had an opportunity to preach on the same topic. I am glad to say that LOL is an excellent example for literature ministry. The article Transformation Through Literature by K. C. Joseph (LOL Jan. 11) is indeed a clarion call to promote Christian literature. Samuel Swemer's remark regarding the effectiveness of the printed page underscores the need for promoting Christian literature.

P. Selvaraj, Madurai

I have received Light of Life magazine for the last two months. I have gone through the contents and realised the topics and subjects are really effective and touchable for the searching and needful heart. The magazine is very much helpful for growing in faith and leading spiritual life. My sincere thanks to all the great human beings in Christ, those who are spending their valuable time for the magazine for Christian growth.

Padal Krishna, Orissa

Thank you for your most inspiring magazine which I look forward to every month. It would be good if an article concerning salvation (in its simplest form) can be written, so readers could explain what salvation is and how you don't have to work for it since it is free and so easily available in the present times. Some of us don't know how to talk about it and get others into the heavenly kingdom.

Mrs. J. Royappan, Chennai

  Really Practical
Light of Life magazine is very good to read-not only for reading, but follow in our life to reflect to others. Each and every article is very really practical. We wish and pray for this ministry.

P. Thangaiyan, Tiruchirappalli

  Enriching And Edifying
The contents of the magazine are enriching and quite edifying our life for Christ. May the Lord continue to bless all those who contribute and work for this magazine.

Ernest Simon, Madurai

  Spiritually Blessed
I am a regular subscriber of LOL. The magazine is very inspiring. I have been spiritually blessed through the inspiring messages of each article. I eagerly wait for each issue and don't want to miss even a single issue.

Biva Juri Basumatari, Assam

  Longing To Get
I love to read your Light of Life Magazine, because it helps me to devolve in my spiritual life. Once I read it in Seminary and after that, I did not find this Magazine. I have been longing to get it. Somehow, by the help of my friend, I found your site. I am very much interested to get this book.

Naresh Nainwal, (E-mail)

  Family Magazine
Light of Life magazine is our family magazine. My husband died 2 years back. Since Rev. James Paul and his wife joined your ministry, all our family members get this magazine and everyone likes the magazine. We gave it to our friends and our family people. Rev. James Paul was our very good family friend. We gave the magazine to all our friends and family people.

Mrs. Sarojini George, Nilgiris

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