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March 2011
Your Letters

Your editorial on Bribery (Light Of Life Jan. ‘11) was a good analysis of how our national affairs have reached the peak of decline in moral standard. Although some proposals of how to deal with bribery (the punishment to be restored) have been suggested, you failed to account the best Biblical model of Zacchaeus, the tax collector, nick-named 'sinner' by the crowd, who proposed for restitution of his grave sins. He confessed, "I will give half of my belongings to the poor, and if I have cheated anyone, I will pay him back four times as much." Jesus responded, "Salvation has come to this house today, for this man also is a descendant of Abraham." Zacchaeus' model is a good one to be emulated by all those who are culprits of bribery. What would have happened the next day in that village? There would have been great jubilation among the poor, becoming suddenly rich. Others who had paid their tax would have got the compensation. Had you included this incident in your editorial, it would have been a complete one.

S. George Ebenezer, Tirunelveli

  Very Relevant
I have gone through your editorial on Bribery. Very relevant. You have put all the facts from the Scripture as well as found all over the globe. May God speak to all the readers to tremble at the feet of the Lord and try to maintain personal purity and integrity.

Rev. S. Retnamony, Mumbai

The January issue of Light of Life with the attractive front cover and the enlightening verse, "Lord, who may dwell in your sacred tent" and the various articles enlightened me.

The editorial Bribery, followed by Integrity and Image by J. Anthony Raj present the sorrowful state of affairs in our country and urges the readers for remedial action. A New Year Message by P Samuel Manoharam is fitting. I have distributed Xerox copies of the same to our Bible study group. I thank all the authors for their inspiring presentations. Roy E. Joy's cartoon ‘We Heard It’ is very funny indeed.

M. J. Jacob, Thiruchirappilli

  Reform Christianity
I had an opportunity to read your magazine (Dec. ‘10). It was really thought provoking and allows us to introspect ourselves. Though I am a Hindu Brahmin, I like Christ Jesus, His teachings, way of life and how He lived on this earth and has left an un-accomplished mission of spreading love, brotherhood, simplicity and life of sacrifice and had set an example of how a human should lead his life. But I often come across the news in newspapers about the attitudes of Christians towards their fellow human beings and, in the recent years, many are into scandals, immoral activities; churches are engaging in corruption, in-fights among the believers, running after power and positions, sense and self-gratification. In down south, caste feelings are high among believers and they have also started practising casteism due to which they are unable to attract new believers and there is no unity among many Pastors and their common agenda is to make money and become rich by hook or crook. By doing such things, they are indirectly bringing bad name and disrepute to Christianity and Christ Jesus which is really shameful and unfortunate.

I think this is time that church leaders, Pastors and believers should come together to reform Christianity or else, it would be too late and at the second coming of Christ Jesus, we cannot escape the judgment and wrath of God.

S. Srinath, Chennai

  A Reminiscence - Dr. Ben Wati
It was a pleasant surprise to see Rev. Dr. Ben Wati's article Too Old to Dream in your esteemed magazine (Nov. 2010). It is heartening especially for senior readers of Light of Life when he writes: "At the age of 90, I feel I am not too old to dream." The article brought fresh memories of my contact with him. He used to visit the Orphanage run by Baptist missionaries in Gorakhpur and give soul-stirring messages at St. Andrew's Church. They left an enduring impact on many people.

As the Gorakhpur University, where I taught, had insufficient research facilities and as I had interest in Bible studies, I wrote to him if he could suggest some Divinity School where I could study Theology. Instead, he suggested to me to get in touch with (now late) Dr. Chandran Devanesan, Vice-Chancellor of the newly established Central University at Shillong. This proved providential for me, as eventually I was offered a higher post there and I had ample academic facilities and an opportunity to build a new P. G. Department.I wish Dr. Ben Wati all joy and health and a long life. May the Lord fulfil all his dreams.

C. N. Bhalerao, Nagpur

I was immensely touched to read two articles by Robert Clements on God speaks out loud and clear (LOL Dec. ‘10), and Bashed With The Bible (LOL Jan. ‘11). I wish to congratulate him for giving two instances, based on the Word of God "Where there is no vision, the people perish, he that keeps the Law, happy he is" (Pro. 29:18).

P. D. Arthur Prasad, Mysore

  Spiritually Helpful
I like this magazine, giving all information and good articles. Special thanks to Bro. Solomon Vincent for making me and others aware of so many things which we really failed to do. Some articles are very big and very spiritually helpful. Same writers are writing every month. Please include short articles and give chance to new writers.

Mrs. S. Simon, Chattisgarh

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