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June 2011
Your Letters

  Dealing With Bribery
This is in response to the article Dealing With Bribery in LOL Feb 2011 by Jacob Ninan. In fact, the editorial on bribery was excellent; but this article was totally contradictory to the editorial.

Even though we dissect God's law on the definition of "bribe" to rationalise our guilt feelings, we cannot escape the law of the land which clearly defines "Bribery and the bribe giver." Today the people of the world are ready to die standing against corruption in our country. Anna Hazare, aged 70, is fasting unto death against corruption. Can we give any excuse of old age? By giving in to the demands of corrupt people, we are encouraging them to continue being corrupt.

Thousands of people are reading LOL and forming their convictions based on LOL's articles. This article could have given the liberty for them to sin. To such an act, Jesus would respond harshly, "But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in him to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea" (Matt. 18:6).

Royce Abraham, Orissa

  Pirated CDs
Taking part in the debate (LOL April 11), Jacob Sahayam has mentioned that David was justified by the Lord, of eating the showbread. Of course, David might have been condoned then by Yehweh for lying (1Sam. 21:3), but the act as such didn't go unpunished (See1 Sam.22:6-22). Apart from 85 priests of YHWH, all men, women, children, not sparing infants, and even animals of Nob were killed on Saul's orders. Later, David himself felt deep remorse and confessed that he alone caused this aftermath (vv19, 22).

Donald J Godfred, Secunderabad

  Fully Packed
I am encouraged by your work and the brethren in India in propagating the Gospel truth. The magazine is fully packed, besides 100 pages thick, with articles with sense and deep truths. I am enlightened by the articles on Wikileaks and another titled Correctly Addressing Prayers.

Also read past articles about corruption in your country, similar to what is happening here, that even our Ombudsman faces impeachment due to alleged mishandling of corruption cases from the previous administration. Let us pray for our country's leaders, for wisdom, as they govern our respective countries.

By the way, I can't find anymore a Christian magazine in the Philippines. I think the publishing cost is high and there are not enough readers to sustain it. It is my prayer that your ministry continue publishing your magazine and continue to evangelise and bless the people of India.

Rolando 'Bong' A. Crespo, Philippines

  Glory To God
It is high time to give Glory to The Lord of lords for Light of Life April 2011 issue. Conversion is the Lord God's prerogative.

Yeshudas Ranadive, Nanded

  A Letter From Dad and Mom
A letter from Dad and Mom (LOL March 11) may be a reflection of the feelings of many parents. But it is not a demand for what they did in bringing up the children. Of course, they had done their duty entrusted to them by the Lord. And it is for the children to do theirs. Even at the Cross, at the time of sacrificing Himself for saving humanity, the Lord didn't forget to fulfil His worldly duty to His mother. He entrusted His mother to the care of the disciple He loved, saying "Behold your mother." It is the promise to every one of us. And the love of the Cross should lead and keep every one of us in His care all the time, every second.

Jacob Sahayam, Thiruvananthapuram

  Mirror To The Reality
Letter From Dad And Mom (LOL March 11) is a mirror to the reality of today. Children hardly have time for themselves. Fast track life, ambitions, running around the job demands, tracking money earnings and savings.

Each of the words in the letter is an earnest request to the child to remember how he/she has learned to walk, hold, grow and lead themselves.

I sincerely appeal to the youngsters to read, re-read again and again this letter and spend time with their old parents who feel the only need they have in the few years left is to keep loving their children, having given away all their best.

Harish, Hyderabad

  What Does This Teach Us?
Thank you for publishing the letter from S. Srinath, Chennai. It is an eye-opener. It is a sad revelation by a Christ-loving non-Christian (Hindu Brahmin), about the spiritual condition of present day churches. It points out many unethical, immoral and corrupt practices indulged in by many Christians and church leaders. It also highlights many un-Christian and un-Biblical ways and trends in Christian lives. I thank Mr. Srinath for taking the trouble, showing his concern about the Christianity that we profess and practise. This has deeply pained me and challenged me. It made me hang my head in shame. Others too might be having similar reaction.

One would like to see a Christian, rather than hear him when he talks, and observe his actions and his daily Christian walk, which alone can speak louder than words. The style of our Christian living must seem more attractive for others to accept Christ and His teachings. What we practise is the best illustration of what we preach. Would a stranger, seeking a relationship with Christ, be attracted or turned off by the quality of the life we display? Are we, by our un-Christian ways, becoming roadblocks for others, who are willing to come within the Christian fold?

Christ said that we should be holy, as He is holy, to lead our Christian life in this sin-soaked world. Only when we are holy, we can have true worship services in our churches and live as true Christians, glorifying Him as our Lord and Master. Are we showing the beauty of Christ's Gospel for the world to see and follow Him, by the way we live our Christian life? Let us examine ourselves.

P. Samuel Manoharam, Vizag

  Reform Christianity
Thank you for publishing S. Srinath's letter too! Reformation of Christianity is indispensable. May God strengthen Church towards that goal.

P. Selvaraj, Coimbatore

  All-round Development
We are regularly getting Light of Life. It is truly a magazine that helps in an all-round development of the believer's inner life. Please do keep up the good work.

Ravindra Bhalerao, Nagpur

In the Editorial Secrecy (LOL March 2011) today's happenings are made very transparent and shows how people are trying to leak off the secrets for some benefits or to spoil and ruin others' status and dignity. The morale and faith are buried alive. Human beings became satans with devilish spirits. The race is progressively upcoming to decline the divinity of mankind. Politics, religion, defence and economics are competing to leak out others' secrets for self existence or survival. Thanks for bringing out the facts to think of the present attitude of people.

B. P. Pereira, Madurai

I praise God for the enriching and edifying Editorials in Light of Life.

E. J. Mathew, Trivandrum

We as a family are blessed spiritually by LOL Magazine and we are praying for the ministry.

Dr. Rolland Godly, Trichur

  New gods
Bob's Banter is no mean banter! Robert Clement's column is often quite thought-provoking. New gods In Our Churches (LOL March 11) hits the nail right on its head.

The article exposes: 1) The fallacy and perils of one man ministry of Pastors who enter the local churches like a Trojan Horse and captures them and lord over. 2) The vainglorious TV gods who make a fast buck to live a lavish and princely life at the cost of ordinary mortals. 3) The so called reverend gods who demand adulation and reverence from their laity.

K. M. Philipose, Mumbai

  Joy And Light
I missed my copy of Light of Life--I was sick. I was sick another way because of missing my copy of LOL! When I returned home, I got my copies on my desk. What joy and light to read about various aspects of Christian life and to "meet" my old and new friends. The revered old colleague Dr. I. Ben Watti writes. My old friend Dr. Francis Sunderaraj writes masterly article, and many others.

Indeed LOL brings life's zest. One cannot afford to miss a copy if he/she is a subscriber. I have decided it is a one package seminary and the dean is our good friend P. Abraham. With him others make the seminary teachers. Praise The Lord!

Rev. D. Francis, Chattisgarah

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