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July 2011
Your Letters

The Editorial on "Conversion" (April 2011) is an admirably well-presented comprehensive summary of all the important developments in our country, on a vital religious issue, concerning the Christian world. It is a praiseworthy effort by the learned author, enabling us to keep abreast of latest trends.

The Editorial very rightly and succinctly says: "Any religious conversion by force, fraud or inducement is no conversion." Generally there is lack of biblical understanding of what is true conversion.

There are two types of conversion: One is religious and the other is spiritual. Religious conversion is proselytism, which means converting from one religion to another. It is a mere change of label, without any necessary change in character and life. Spiritual conversion, on the other hand, is an inner change in character and life experienced by the convert, followed by an outer change in external behaviour and conduct, etc., corresponding to that inner change. Religious conversion and spiritual conversion are poles apart. Religious conversion is self-centred and spiritual conversion is God-centred. Proselytism resulted in producing nominal Christians filling our churches, leading to deplorable condition of the present day Christianity.

The Article "Soldiers for Christ" (LOL May 2011) by Vivek Salins is a good read. I thank him for this useful message, which helps believers in Christ to be on the alert against the devil's crafty, deceitful tactics to lead us astray from God. He should have also dealt with the active role of the devil in our lives.

It is important to know about the personality and the role of the devil in our lives, for us to be sufficiently alert and cautious, for avoiding his deceptive tricks and traps. It is the devil's sole purpose, as God's enemy, to entrap and ultimately destroy believers in their weakest point of which he is well aware.

There are many who do not believe that devil exists in the world. The Bible clearly confirms his existence. As there is a close connection between good and God, there is close connection between evil and the devil, which explains why there is so much evil in the world.

Devil is a dangerous personality. Let us not underestimate him.

P.Samuel Manoharam, Vizag

  Eye Opener
It has really been a great blessing to read and experience the great depth and power of the word of God through your and many others' writings in Light of Life. Please continue to send the magazine. It has really been an eye opener, leading me into green pastures that I may graze new deep truths to grow in Christ and His likeness.

Amariah Josh Abraham, Vellore

  Thought Provoking
The April issue of Light of Life was a blessing. Every article in general had something to touch and teach; I was challenged by two particular issues.

Firstly, the issue of conversion from the Editor was informative. The Editor successfully led the readers through the judicial outcome of courts and commissions. It seems to be a judicial drama where torching two kids and their father is not treated as rarest of rare cases. In other words, in a postmodern era, we still acknowledge the brutality of barbaric age. The reality is, we act as civilised, but we know that we belong to the same old patterns. Such thought provoking writing will help us to introspect. The question is do we have any role?

Along with Light of Life I also got a magazine (not subscribed, but free) and the televangelist manages to gather a mega crowd. Even in recent state elections, politicians were struggling to bring such mega crowds for election rallies. The book review regarding "McDonaldisation, Masala McGospel And Om Economics" also highlighted the same issue. I think we need to learn from our history and say 'no' to such glamour ministry. Secondly, in the News section it was a joy to read regarding Pope Benedict XVI's book. Light of Life is surely leading towards an ecumenical cause and God will honour noble causes.

Laji Chacko, Ponda, Goa

  Long way To Go
I have been receiving your magazines for the past many months and I really thank you for sending the magazine. This magazine has really helped me a lot in knowing exactly about what Christianity is all about and love of God towards mankind and His blessings to us through our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus and the plan of our redemption and salvation.

But still, we have a long way to go and preach the Gospel of the kingdom of God to the people who do not know either about Jesus Christ or the true living God, but still living under the captivity of Satan, under the shell of religion particularly Hinduism. Even I was thinking that Hinduism is the greatest religion on this earth and it has many things to offer to the people; but after coming to Christ, I realised, that Hinduism is a religion of rituals, absurd philosophy and bunches of contradictory school of thoughts and deep rooted casteism and no way or assurance of salvation; Salvation is possible only through our Saviour and Messiah Jesus as He has said that He is the only way, truth & life.

But if we need to harvest the souls of Hindus, it is possible only through love, compassion and prayers, not by anything else and change of mindset of Pastors & Christians in our country towards non-believers. Only by seeing Christ-like qualities and character in our actions and deeds, non-believers & Hindus will come to Jesus Christ. Praise the lord!

S. Srinath, Chennai

  Why The Cross Was Dear To Them?
In his article Why The Cross Was Dear To Them? (LOL April 2011), David Isaac has used the word 'cross' twenty two times and excepting in the case of one or two, he is using them as the synonym for Jesus Christ. All the four ladies and the disciple mentioned in the article were there because of their love, affection, indebtedness and reverence towards Jesus. They were bestowing their emphathising presence to Jesus in His ever increasing agony on the cross. For them, the cross was only a killing machine. But it seems that the modern trend among Christians as a whole is to honour the visible cross and forget altogether the invisible Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

C. T. Mathew, Kerala

I have been getting your magazine for a long time and I am enjoying reading specially the editorals.

S. L. Gole, Karnataka

  Cherished And Nourished
I like it and am cherished and nourished through your magazine since the past 5 years, especially in my personal life as well as in my ministry.

Rev. Henkholun Haokip, Manipur

  Thought Provoking
The editorial in the April issue is excellent as usual, but it is grievously thought provoking. Dara Singh escaped gallows by the mercy of God. Let us pray to our Father to transform Dara Singh that he may teach Hindu Pandits the ‘truth’ found in Rigveda as well as in John 3:16 in the Bible.

J. Dadel, Jharkhand

  Companion For Old Age People
Light of Life is a fit reading companion for old age people, because it keeps us always in good track in growing strongly in the word of God as true faithfuls. I hope and believe readers will personally experience all the good articles in the magazine as they keep coming monthly. May God’s grace remain always with you and your work.

Ms. Silverine Swer, Shillong

  Christian Growth
I praise God for spiritual knowledge and spiritual growth LOL magazine and I congratulate the excecutive body, including writers. All articles every month are very interesting for Christian growth, especially the editorials. I am very much attracted to the article Why The Cross Was Dear To Them? (LOL April 2011), by Daniel Isaac. Also I congratulate and attend to complete Bible Quiz. It is very interesting and promote Bible knowledge. I already gifted this magazine for some of my friends. Now I want to gift one more friend.

D. S. Solomon, Andhra Pradesh

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